View Full Version : how do you revise the achievement guide? some parts are wrong

03-27-2009, 08:52 PM
hey guys,
i'm wondering how one goes about revising the achievement guide. some sections, like the "by the grace of" achievement, are wrong (you have to down someone and then finish them off when they're still on the ground), and other sections such as mr. play-it-straight and 50 to won, are downright vague and unhelpful. i just got 1250 on this, so i just wanted to change it around a bit to make it easier for anyone else. if i wanted to make corrections, how do i go about that?

Sergeant Kozi
04-25-2009, 08:36 AM
well, i thought the superman returns guide was too vague and i rewrote it. Even with a whole bunch of people saying how much better my guide was, it took them forever to actually implement it into the guide.

I say you just make a thread with titled "so and so achievement strategy," and if enough people like it and it gets noticed, it'll probably get stickied or implemented in the existing guide. best of luck to ya!

btw, i don't really know if there's a better way of getting the mods to notice you, i guess you could pm them, idk, i didn't care enough to try, and eventually they just noticed.