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Midnight Malice
03-30-2009, 09:28 AM
Has anyone else had this problem? It happens when I play through a few games then either try to play or sim another one.... It doesn't start the game and freezes in like a half second. I have tried simming to an off day as well with no fix... once it happens it destroys my franchise. It happens on an installed game, so I know it isn't the disc... anyone else have this problem or know a fix? I have also tried having multiple saves, but same crap happens. I am getting to the point of throwing the disc out the window and using it as a clay pigeon.

My next question is, are the achievements in this game linked only to eachother, or are they linked to your gamesave as well? The reason I think it may be linked to the save is because some people had 850, but didn't unlock the final one until they edited thier card team and saved... The only way I think may fix this issue is to wipe out my entire gamesave, as I think something is corrupted within the game... most likely would be my 2k profile. But if Grand Poobah is linked with the trading cards I am so screwed I only need 3 more classic ones for All the Tea... and deleting my user profile will erase all that progress. Obviously I will finish my 500k's before I even attempt this though. The only thing I can think of is to unlock a card on a different profile, erase the save data and see if it is still there, which I seriously doubt, but how can I test that achievements are linked to eachother rather than the gamesave without royally screwing myself.

If anyone has any other ideas that help me out of this bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, 2 out, up by 3 jam I would be forever grateful.

04-06-2009, 09:56 PM
Mine just did the same thing. Everytime i tried to sim or play the next day it would freeze. I tried downloading to my hard drive and deleting updates but it didn't help. I ended up deleting my franchise and starting again.:mad:

Wish 2k could make a f!!!ing baseball game that isn't a piece of SHIT

Midnight Malice
04-06-2009, 10:40 PM
Well I started a new franchise and havn't had the freezing problem outside of a game, but when I am in a game it freezes at random... it has taken me 4 days to finish 7 games in my franchise.... this blows ass.

Edit: So I got through the franchise gaining all the achievements I needed other than winning the world series. I am in the playoffs tree screen and guess what..... My franchise freezes when I try to play or sim a game from there. I had 3 saves and it happened to all 3 when they get to the playoff tree. I need 1 more freaking achievement (+ Grand Poobah) then I can say goodbye to this crap forever, but it won't let me finish... I'm going to try a few more times today to get through the playoffs, but I doubt I will be able to do it without having to restart my franchise, and I refuse to do that. Guess I'll have to settle for 830 on this one.... and I will be boycotting future 2k sports games forever. MLB was the only one I played anyway cause I don't have a choice. Exclusive rights is the death of gaming progression. Look at this game, progressively worse since 2k6. SD vs Raw 07,08,09 nothing new there, Madden... $60 for a roster update and missing features. At least NHL and NBA have competition between companies, and those games get better and better every year.