View Full Version : Method to obtain "Private Party"?

03-30-2009, 03:29 PM
What is the best Method to obtain "Private Party"?

I put the settings to 16 Cards, Slow Speed and Draw Only. I continue to only get at the most 2 Skip Cards, but the few times I did get 3 Skips, I messed up with the other players playing cards and therefore the color changed.

Anyone having problems getting this?

*EDIT: I just got pretty lucky and got 3 Skip Cards dealt to me. Just make sure to change the settings to Draw Only, that way if the other players get a matching card they cannot play it and mess up the Skip cards.

03-31-2009, 10:51 PM
Play locally with four controllers, and continue drawing cards using the rules you already have.

If your other controllers have skips, have them play them, that way they recirculate and come back to you when you draw.

04-23-2009, 05:48 AM
Play by yourself with 4 controllers on Elimination. easy.