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12-02-2006, 03:38 PM
Hey, i recently recieved Chromehounds and have seen that the achievement descriptions seem very hard and time-consuming to complete. So far i only have a measily 60 gamer points from the first 3 story arcs, and hopefully soon will have all 120 from every story arc. But after i finish these achievements, what one should i aim for next? Thanks for any help you guys can give me.:confused:

Rodni Demental
12-02-2006, 09:35 PM
Well, after beating Single Player, you will actually have 140 points. And if you're good enough to S rank them, you can get the maximum amount obtainable from SP: 160.

Where to start in Multi-player though...

Well, one thing you need to know, is that the Achievements are gained from the WAR only, you can't get the achievements (50 hound kills for example) in Free Battle.

Basically, you're gonna have to join a squad and just start battleing. At first, you're only gonna verse the AI to get the first few Achievements. The Neroimus War Medal and Capital Occupation will probably be obtained by joining Tarakia or Morskoj. You can't really have much say over them though as they are not really influenced by an individual. Staying with the same nation for 3 seasons is self explanetry.

Two of the first easy Achievements involved with actually going into combat though, are 2 of the secret ones actually. End 5 times in a row w/o killing enemy is easy enough, you just have to have a match ended, lose or destroy the HQ, and it must be done in a row.

Win 5 times w/o attacking enemy is cumulative, so it doesn't have to be done in a row. Basically, you HAVE to detroy the HQ and you are not allowed to so much as touch the enemy with a bullet.

Also, the Survival Award is easy enough if you can win 10 times in a row by destroying their HQ, it will also contribute to 50 HQ destroys.

There are a whole bunch of Achievements obtained just by simply deploying on the different types of chassis, so be sure to make many different Hounds using a variety of these. What I do, is deliberately only use one Chassis until I've got that Achievement, then move onto the next one.

So, from this point, it just takes a lot of playing online, if you get into a good squad, then you can have a lot of fun while slower accumulateing Hound/HQ kills or maybe even some of the more challenging ones envolveing "special" tasks on the battlefield. Hope this helps, and good luck. :)

12-03-2006, 01:46 PM
cheers mate, i'll work on that after finishing the last two story arcs. Has anyone got a squad i could join then?

12-14-2006, 01:27 PM
You're going to find that as you get going on this game, you will get around 700 and hit a dead end almost. No matter how hard you work towards these last ones, it's might take longer than you wish to spend on it. If you really want the achievements though, you're going to need to find a squad of people who have already gone through the whole process of receiving them.

Gold Seasonal Medals require cheating/boosting now to have a chance at.