View Full Version : Dunk off Contest: Kobe Flunks.....Twice!!!

Ali_ al_bay
03-31-2009, 11:26 PM
Well.. I've been hearing that Kobe is a hot shot on this game for the Dunk off Contest & he's pretty hard to get him out in the ring..

Bought the game yesterday, first played the dunk off after 5 freaking hours ..(finally fiured how to get him out) he shows up, next he waves to the crowed, then licks his finger then points out his finger testing wind speed (average) I guess...

First shot takes 3 steps back then 3 steps to the right.. runs up - layup - BANG FLUNK!.. ok that's good for me :woop:

Second Shot Takes 3 steps to the Left then one step right.. looks around all happy, runs up another layup BANG! FLUNKS again Holy Crap!.. where the Hell did he go Wrong :confused:

Is this unusual or what :confused: I mean I know it's programmed to get at least one good shot or even 2 but none that's pretty realistic