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04-05-2009, 09:20 AM
The List of Complete Controls
Complex Commands the game and manual don't tell you


Left Stick + A - Move to target
Left Stick + Hold A - Move to target, and adjust direction of unit facing
B - Cancel movement
Hold B - Change direction of unit facing (while standing still)
R. Button - Zoom Out
R. Trigger - Zoom In
Click Left Stick - Moves cursor to current unit's move destination
Left Stick (Target friendly unit) + Y - 'Come Here' command; brings friendly unit to your current location

Indirect Order:

Left Stick (Target friendly unit) + X - Grants control of friendly unit by means of issuing a movement command (indicated by golden arrow)
Left Stick (Target friendly unit) + Hold X - Same as pressing X, then A. Shortcut indirect command.
Left Stick + A (While in indirect order) - Issues movement order
B (While in indirect order) - Cancels action


Hold L. Button + A - Groups closest units together in a Group of 3 (Attempts to use 'smart' groups)
Double Tap L. Button - Groups closest same units together
Hold L. Button - Displays individual health bars for units
Hold L. Button + B - Disbands currently selected Group
Hold D-Pad Direction for 2 seconds - Assigns selected Group to that direction
(More to come - grouping is complicated, there may be more options we haven't figured out)

Train Unit:

R. and L. Button - Switch between node upgrade, unit, and commander page
D-Pad - Icon selection
Left Stick - Set rally point for next trained unit (target reticule)
Click Right Stick (R3) - Selects nearest node; If pressed again, selects main warp gate


L. Trigger + Right Stick - Select ability; must release both near simultaneously, or you will whip select to another unit.

Tactical Map:

Back Button/Select Button - Open/Close Tactical Map (Cancels a mid-command order)
R. Button; Right Trigger - Zoom Out; Zoom In
D-Pad - Select next unit displayed on bottom of screen
Right Stick - Whip Select to another unit
Left Stick - Rotate Tactical Map slightly (Changes in-game camera perspective of selected unit)
Y - Toggles between centering camera on map, and currently selected unit

wayne g bro
04-20-2009, 12:31 PM
thankyou very helpfull

l BlackBrian7 l
12-22-2015, 11:59 PM
I know this is old but it should be sticked! So helpful! Thanks

I couldnt figure out how to group units and spent the first 2 missions, individually clicking everyone to move them. Took a ridiculous amount of time!