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12-04-2006, 06:39 PM
My 360 chewed my disc ages ago but I just borrowed a copy, however Im stuck on lord of earth and getting my ass kicked.

My line up is Raigar, Atsuma, Karin and Marlin Glave.

Everyone is at around 1200hp apart from Karin who is around 980 hp.

Ive used Atsuma's EX to stop LOE regenerating but I just cant seem to stay the distance and actually win the fight.

Any tips?

I have no fancy or expensive gollems like APO or whatever so any tips invovling them will be useless

Wreckon Dracgon
12-04-2006, 07:38 PM
I'll try and be online tonight and we can chat... with your current set up you aren't in a good position for this fight.

Two questions have you saved anywhere close that you can backtrack to the Casino or a Shop to get other Golems.

If not here is what you want to do.

Start off the match using the Force Pain as you've done. Hopefully you have a full stock of God Ambrosia, Return, and Recovery Powders.

One of the key things you want to remember is that every three turns you are going to get hit with his World Creation EX move which means 900 HP (450 HP to Raigar) in damage. So what you want to do is attack with your characters and try to end in a position where Raigar is in front of Atsuma. This will limit the damage of his regular attacks to half on Raigar, and half on Atsuma. Then attack with your characters but also try and end with Atsuma positioned behind Raigar if this means you don't attack with Atsuma or Raigar on a particular turn then you don't attack. Do not sacrifice 300-450 HPs of Atsuma's health for 50 HPs on the Lord of Earth. As for Karin you should just be healing with her unless your combo meter is full at which point try and attack with all four team members.

Whenever he creates the Woodian Golems take them out immediately. Depending on their levels this can easily be done with Marlin's High Blade and Raigar's High Slash. This is where APO or Galirya would be perfect because their HP Drain would basically kill all of the Woodians in one attack while refilling their own health. APO would be best since he takes up less space and can hide in a corner and never move.

Anyway what you need to do is keep this pattern of attacking and then hiding behind Raigar. Also keep an eye on your HP and remember that on every third turn your going to get hit with World Creation so use healing items or Karin to make sure you have enough HP to survive the attack. If your characters are in a good position to attack but have less that the 900 in HP, see if following their death a person would be in a good position to use the Return Powder then get Cured by Karin.

Also remember to use Raigar's protection powers to cut down the amount of damage you take. It's better to use this than to use Karin's power up. Unless you are in a position to power up with Karin, attack with Atsuma, and Marlin, and the protect with Raigar.

12-05-2006, 07:00 AM
I was in no position to head back to a casino or anything but with the help you gave I managed to lay the beat down on the lord of earth, just wandering back to Junk City now!

Cheers wreckon

Wreckon Dracgon
12-05-2006, 11:21 AM
No problem my friend... before you head out to see the Sage you might want to get one of the Temple Golems. Phoenicia would be a good choice since you are close to the battles with the Ice Queen. If you don't want to back track you can do the casino trick and get Atsuma powered way up which will help greatly on the final battles. Now that you have defeated the Lord of Earth there is a Mega Skill Gem at the shop that costs 4,200 TB but gives you 8,000 points of SP. Right before the final battles you'll be in a place called Grave Keep where there are four warp gates to each of the cities which makes traveling a breeze. Also you might want to go back to the casino and pick up the Evade Battles Skill so you don't have all of those battles popping up every five seconds.

12-05-2006, 11:23 AM
Wreckon you ever figure out that online thing out? (in enchanted arms)

Wreckon Dracgon
12-05-2006, 11:42 AM
No I didn't... I sent you a message but it was at like 4a my time after an all night gaming session. I feel asleep with the controller in my hand and then woke up and saw you sent me a note saying you were ready.

I'll be on tonight at around 7p EST if you can help.
What I need is to Battle you and you need to use these four Golems/Golem types. So I can try out a new strategy. You need...

Sphinx &
Folly Carol or someone with a Gravity Attack

If you use Folly Carol the last Golem doesn't matter, but if you don't have her just use anyone who has a Gravity Attack as your third Golem and anyone who is water based as your fourth but it can't be the Divine Turtle.

12-05-2006, 11:43 AM
yeah i have most the golems just have to syn some of em..beat the game and didnt bother doing it though. You are undefeated online am i right?

Wreckon Dracgon
12-05-2006, 11:59 AM
A perfect 62 and 0... although I was close to losing once and probably would have lost. There is this guy that I play named MCE360 we try and get together every weekend for a few matches and I swear it is like Clash of the Titans our matches usually last 30-60 minutes each. I swear they should sell tickets to these battles.

In case you didn't know already I'm totally addicted to this game. However finding online battles is so damn hard, and when you do it is usually these cheap Omega and APO users that have no real skill at the game. So to counterattack this I buffed my starting four Golems up to all over 15,000 in HP so that even if one of these cheap users wiped out two or three of them I could still battle long enough with the remaining two or so and kill the bastard Omega. So one day while cruising for a match I find this guy MCE360. So as I'm looking through his list of Golems I see Omega and his Omega has over 15,000 in HP. So typically if they have Omega and he is powered up this far they use him. So I was about to tell him how I hate Omega users and then I noticed the name of his Omega "I No Use Omega". So then I look down his list thinking if he doesn't use Omega and his Omega is at 15,000 then who the hell is he using. Boy did I find out who... his Lapis Magina was at over 40,000 HP.

So we battled for about 50 turns and the damn game lost the connection, but I was surely going to lose because as I was running out of EP and his Golems weren't even tired. But my problem was not my technique it was my Golems lack of EP. So I returned to the Casino to build up EP and every Friday since we have battled and I have yet to lose to him. But I know what he is going to try this weekend and in theory it is a good strategy but I'm pretty sure my Turtle can protect me but I want to be sure before going into battle.