View Full Version : Its Out

12-06-2006, 06:37 AM
Usally Arcade games arent out until 4:30 Central time but its 12:36 and the game is already out. lm not sure for how long but i just saw one of my friends playing it so Go Download it??

Dark Fury
12-06-2006, 04:48 PM
1200 points.

Play the demo first to see what you think, as always. Im going to buy it on a slow day when i want something new.

12-06-2006, 06:10 PM
I grabbed it this morning. You can tell it's made with the unreal engine as the levels looks like something you'd see in a UT multiplayer map. I only got a few minutes with it before going to work but it looks/plays good with what I've seen so far.

12-06-2006, 07:44 PM
It feels like a good platformer. It is worth 15 bucks IMO, it is pretty fun.