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04-11-2009, 11:04 AM
OK this Is not a fun or fast tatic buts its 1 i used and its paying off took about 3-4hours total and since im no longer getting jumped every time i travel through a sector with my ship loaded with contraband it was worth it and sorry if this rambles! will tidy up at some point

early on you get a Quest from sabal? to go looking for "the Lost" i recomend before you do any other quest complete this 1 to the full
for those who didnt know when you have All 7psi powers you become permantly cloaked and no longer need PSI to dodge fights and move through hostile sectors/use there stations and mine without worring about that dreadnought sitting behind you or your hold being filled with contraband. the method is simple but long and your going to be hacking alot of gates( oh joy i hear you cry! )

at the start of the Game Farm pirates get around 600-800PSI
and then do nothing but Track down all " The Lost" youll have to hack alot of gates and with that amount of psi you should be able to avoid 99% of the fights you can also avoid the fights by dodgeing the enemy ships.. your starting ship is faster than most so stick with it for this or by pressing (B) this will kick you out the system just re*enter and try to dodge the ships repeat(doent use PSI but takes longer)

Now simply follow the quest collecting the Lost as you go each 1 allows you to dodge the next lvl of ship... which youll encounter lookng for the next 1. with a mix of simply avoiding ships before combat starts and PSI you can collect all 7 lost get a nice cheevo and the farm in peace for your battleship... and some of the systems to the bottom right of the map have some nice ship items

Hope this helps


04-11-2009, 12:22 PM
Indeed, Mr Zombiechild... a perplexing and intriguing read... hmmm. Perhaps a cookie for you? some milk?

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im down with flipswitch i like some milk and a cookie:woop:

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im down with flipswitch i like some milk and a cookie:woop: