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04-11-2009, 11:43 AM
This is a work in progress!

My self and Flipswitch are working on making basicly an AtoZ for Galatrix listing What you can Do in Each system and the astroids found in them and the Mining mini Game attached to each( Mining quota's for each astroid is fixed) between me a flip should get this done pretty quick anyother help is Muchly welcome tips on layout etc also welcome.

Still Missing lots of planets, Quota info and some factions.

P.S BETA CENTARI GO THERE MINE! 6 Roids all cargo covered.. best place ive found.. and ive been everywere.. jst forgot to write it all down ;)


Sectors There astroids and Stations.So Far it seems that the quota on each astroid is Fixed.. sadly the mini games layout are not so cannot write up a set strat for each 1 EDIT!: Credit to Mrjul Astroids Rest After 3 others have been mined Now go farm for life in BetaCentari

The following List is set by Faction controlled planets Not order of found

MRI Territy

Erebus:Mining:Tech6: Astroids 3:Shipyard:SellCargo

P4IU987- Quota Alloysx30 Mineralsx20 Crystalx8
E3CF36J- Quota Mineralsx15 Alloysx10 Polymerx3
E50H56P- Quota Mineralsx18 Isotopesx12 Polymersx4

Talus:Industrail:Tech6:Astroids 2:Sell Cargo

XK786T- Quota Alloysx18 Foodx12 Mineralsx4
XG124P- Quota Mineralsx20 Contrabandx16 Goldx6

Gemini:Adminstrative:Tech6:no Astroids:SellCargo:CraftItem:Shop

Ceti:Agriculture:Tech7:Astroids 2:Shop:Craft

BK409B- Quota polymersx12 Isotopesx7 Goldx2
PS213M- Quota Alloysx40 Mineralsx27 Technologyx13

Apus:Agriculture:Tech5:Astroids 1:SellCargo

SF793F- Quota Mineralsx50 Goldx32 Isotopesx15

Serpens:Administrative:Tech10:Astroids 1: SellCargo

IG253R- Quota

Atlia:Industrial:Tech7:Astroids 2:SellCargo

AS975H- quota Polymers x40 Gold x27 Alloys x13
JR88IW- Quota

Vega:Industrial:Tech7:Astroids 1:SellCargo

JH869T- quota Polymer x10 Food x6 isotope x1

Degani Sectors

Deganie:mocracy:Agricultrue:Tech5: Astroids 1:Craftitem:Shop:SellCargo

JHII5B: Mining Quota Foodx48 Mineralsx48 Crystalsx48

Lepusemocracy:Agriculture:Tech2:SellCargo:No roids

Aquarius:Feudal:Agricultrue:Tech2:Astroids1:SellCa rgo

GL398B: Mining Quota Foodx30 Mineralsx20 Alloysx8

Elysia Sectors
Elea:Democracy:Agriculture:Tech3:SellCargo:Astroid s 2

Ph549D: Quota- Alloys:15 Technologyx10 Polymersx3
SR758W: Quota- Polymersx35 Mineralsx32 Alloysx11

Lumina Sectors

Terra:Corporate:Admin:Tech10:JumpgateHub... REAL BORING PLACE!

Alpha Centauri:Corporate:Industrial:Tech7:Astroids 0:SellCargo:CraftItem:Shop

Beta Centauri- Astroids 6

BS736Q- Quota Minerals x48 Gold x48 Contraband x48
BK2IIB- Quota Mineraks x48 Food x48 Crystals x48
RM37IQ- Quota Mineraks x48 Isotopes x48 Crystals x48
MD255Q- Quota Mineraks x48 polymers x48 Alloys x48
PN383X- Quota Minerals x48 Technology x48 Isotopes x48
DT868H- Quota Minerals x48 Polymers x48 Technology x48

Orion:Corporate:Industrial:Tech7:Astroids 1:Sell Cargo:

AD508Z- quota Polymerx x18 Minerals x12 Alloys x4

Ramses:Corporate:Administrative:Tech8:SellCargoAst roids 1

DL36IX: Quota- TBA

Aquila:Corporate:Military:Tech7:SellCargo:Astroids 1

SR845M: Quota- Alloysx20 Technologyx16 Isotopesx6


Cytech Sectors

Fornax:Corporate:Administrative:Tech10:SellCargo:S hop:CraftItem

Castor:Corporate:Industrail:Tech9:SellCargo:astroi d 1
BS584C: Quota- Alloysx35 polymersx22 Technologyx11

Perseus:Corporate:Industrail:Tech9:SellCargo;Shop: Craftitem

Auriga:Corporate:Mining:Tech8:SEllCargo:Astroids 3
SR735B: Quota- Alloysx20 Technologyx16 Goldx6
JF174M:Quota- Technologyx50 Alloysx32 Mineralsx15
PS645M:Quota- Technologyx25 alloysx20 Mineralsx8


Trident Sectors



Arise:Corporate:administrative:Tech10:SellCargo:Sh op:CraftItem

Libra:Corporate:Mining:Tech7:SellCargo:Shop:Crafti tem:Astroids 2

AD329T:Quota- Alloysx48 Mineralsx48 Technologyx48
SF973V:Quota- Alloysx55 Mineralsx55 ploymersx55

04-11-2009, 11:44 AM
Keck systems

Keck:Dictatorship:Administrative:Tech6:SellCargo:S hop:Craft



Altair:Dictatorship:Mining:Tech3:Shop:Craftitem:Se llCargo:Astroids2

NB891D: - Quota Alloysx30 Crystalsx30 Goldx30
JH679R: Quota- Foodx18 Alloysx12 Technologyx4

Jahrwoxi Systems

Pleione:Feudal:Agriculture:Tech2:SellCargo:No roids


RJ569M: Quota- Mineralsx35 Alloysx35 Polymersx35

Jahrwoxi:Feudal:Administrative:Tech5:SellCargo:Cra ftItem:Shop

Cygnus:Feudal:Mining:Tech3:SellCargo:astroids 1

PS735C: Quota- Contrabandx50 Alloysx32 Mineralsx15

Vortraag Systems
Circinus:Feudal:Mining:Tech2:SellCargo:Astroids 3

PN983Z: quota- Mineralsx20 alloysx16 isitopesx6
AS683B: Quota- Alloysx40 mineralsx27 Isotopesx13
NB328Q: Quota - Polymersx35 Mineralsx22 Alloysx11

Virtraag:Dictatorship:Tech7:Administrative:Shop:Cr aftitem:SellCargo

Lacerta:Dictatorship:Tech7:Military:SellCargo:Astr oids 1

AC196G: quota- Alloysx20 Mineralsx16 isotopesx6


RJ508T: Quota Alloysx18 Mineralsx12 isotopesx4

Eridanus:Dictatorship:Tech5:Military:SellCargo:Ast roids 1

SC762H: Quota Mineralsx12 Isotopesx7 Alloysx2

Zaurak:Dictatorship:Tech3:Military:SellCargo:Astro ids2

MD647X: Quota Mineralsx35 Alloysx22 contrabandx11
PN554D: Quota Polymersx35 Mineralsx22 Alloysx11

Sagitta:Dictatorship:Tech5:Mining:SellCargo:Astroi ds 3

MP109R: Quota Isotopesx50 Alloysx32 Mineralsx15
BC462X: Quota Isotopesx17 mineralsx10 foodx4
DL576C: Quota Mineralsx25 Isotopesx20 Goldx8

Plasmids sysyems
Pegasus:Dictorship:Agriculture:Tech3:SellCargo:NoR oids
Delphinus:Dictorship:Mining:Tech5:SellCargo:Astroi ds 1

BS7I9F: Quota- polymersx55 Mineralsx55 Foodx55

Hydra:Dictatorship:Industrail:Tech3:SellCargo:Shop :Craftitem:Astroids1

DT3470: Quota- Polymersx35 Mineralsx22 Alloysx11

Plasmia:Dictatorship:Administrative:Tech8:SellCarg o:Noroids

Quesadans systems
Quesada:Democracy:Administrative:Tech5:SellCargo:N o Roids

Cepheus:Democracy:Agriculture:Tech6:Craftitem:Shop :SellCargo:NoRoids

Lyra:Democracy:Administrative:Tech6:SellCargo:No roids

Theseus:Democracy:Mining:Tech3:SellCargo:Astroids 2

BK926F: Quota- Crystalx50 Foodx32 Mineralsx15
BS256D: Quota- Mineralsx40 Crystalsx27 Goldx13

Regulus:Democracy:Industrail:Tech4:SellCargo:Astro ids1

DH778D: Quota- Polymersx10 Mineralsx6 Alloysx1

Souless Systems(incomplete!)
Grus:Souless:Military:Tech4:Astroids 1

MD775F: Quota Mineralsx40 Alloysx27 Polymersx13


IG199D: Quota Alloysx40 mineralsx27 Contrabandx13

Acheron:...Empty system 2 jumpgates...noone owns it..

Musca:Soulless:Mining:Tech6:Shop:CraftItem:Astroid s 1

MD540Z: Quota Mineralsx40 Goldx27 Alloysx13

Gorgon:Soulless:Tech6:Mining:Astroids 2

PB849B: Quota Mineralsx40 Alloysx27 Contrabandx13
BK371F: Quota- Mineralsx30 Contrabandx20 Goldx8

Typhon:Soulless:Tech9:Military:Astroids 1

MP937: Quota Mineralsx25 Technologyx20 Isotopesx8

04-11-2009, 11:44 AM
Pirate Sectors INCOMPLETE!

Quaris:Feudal:Rech4:Astroids1:Sell Cargo

Tx967R- Quota Alloys x25 Minerals x20 Xontraband x8


PH374V- Quota Contraband x35 Minerals x22 Polymers x11
SR3I7D- Quota polymers x40 Minerals x27 Medicine x13


PB943R: Mining Quota Mineralsx18 Alloysx12 Contrabandx4
DH717C: Mining Quota Contrabandx35 Alloysx22 Medicinex11

RJ590M-Quota Alloysx30 Isotopesx20 Medicinex8
PB1486G-quota Isotopesx18 Goldx12Medicinex4
JR720F-Quota Mineralsx35 Isotopesx22 Medicinex11

Sirius:Pirates:Anarchic:MilitaryLTech5:SellCargo:S hop:Craftitem:Astroids1

AD758C: Quota- Alloysx20 Contrabandx16 Medicinex6

Procyon:Pirates:Agriculture:Tech1:SellCargo:Astroi ds 1
RM911M: Quota Mineralsx20 Foodx16 Medicinex6


Azha:Pirates:Military:Tech9:Shop:CraftItem:SellCar go: Astroids1

DZ577R: Quota Mineralsx20 Alloysx16 Technologyx6

Sargon:Pirates:Mining:Tech4:SellCargo:Astroids 2

JR206G: Quota Mineralsx25 Medicinex20 Contrbandx8
RM391Z: Quota Medicinex50 Mineralsx32 alloysx15

Veia:Pirates:Military:Tech3:SellCargo:Shop:CraftIt em

Ok thats is So far FLip is working on what Sectors buy what Cargo soon as his done will add that in below.. So Far Major Credit to FlipSwitch for keeping me Sane while i hacked...90+(so far) jumpgates! Thanks MrJul for telling how the Astroids respawnworks.

04-11-2009, 11:45 AM
hopefully wont need more!

04-11-2009, 04:52 PM
;)nice work man got stuck but the guide saved me im free

04-11-2009, 05:23 PM
;)nice work man got stuck but the guide saved me im free

it Saved you:eek: didnt know it was that powerful!! ;)

Beansac McGee
04-13-2009, 07:44 PM
... and the Lord said, "Let thy Puzzle Quest guide be thine savior... And so it was!"

04-14-2009, 03:09 PM
Do prices on things you're selling fluctuate over time, or does each area have a set price on it's items?

04-15-2009, 12:51 AM
I believe that the only fluctuation is your standing with te faction that owns the port your selling to, other than that i believe they remain static.

04-15-2009, 10:31 AM
Not being one to widdle over your guys fine work, but I found this mining guide on gamefaqs which should help you out some :D


05-28-2009, 03:07 PM
Because that doesn't look annoying to read, the format is just nasty. Don't get me wrong it's a great guide, well done and thorough but I reckon after a while it would hurt my eyes.