View Full Version : does anyone know of future dlc & achˇevements?

04-12-2009, 03:28 AM
I was wonderin if anyone know if any future. Dlc or new achievements....cuz I already got the easy 1000 n I know part 1 had at least 1 dlc and I knid of hate getting 1000 in games and den like a month lata new achievemtns and I don't have da game so now its like 1000 out of 1250 =(...so any new would be great....CaSP3r

Fonkey Monkey
04-12-2009, 03:56 AM
My guess would be a few months before anything comes out, that's how it was with the first one.
I'll look at my gamercard in a minute, I bought both the game and DLC the day they came out , so just compare the dates. ( I know the game came out like september 19th, because I got it the day after my birthday.)