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this is a cut and paste from another site credit to the guy who posted it there thml7 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/user.php?board=948959&topic=48913918&user=3222439)

Here it is:

(lv.1) Tommy Gun:
(lv.2) MP38: Florida - Granados Compound - second floor
(lv.3) Modified AK-47: Cuba - Battaglia Masonry - there is a room and as you enter it turn left and you will see leader tha leads you underground and just follow the tunnel (thanks to Kazmir)

(lv.1) .357 Magnum:
(lv2) .44 Magnum Force: New York - Carmine Rosato's Compound - in hallway second floor
(lv.3) .501 Magnum Enforcer: Cuba - Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop - if you look at the map there is a lighthouse go there and it's easy to spot

(lv.1) Pistol:
(lv.2) Silenced Pistol: Folrida - Ryan Roth mission - in a mission that he sends you to rescue one of his soldiers there is no way to miss it
(lv.3) Delta M1911 (silenced): Florida - Mangano's Compound - second floor

(lv.1) Sniper Rifle:
(lv.2) Spitzer Centerfire: Florida - Emilio's packing company - is on the roof top, you'll need a engineer to cut the fence
(lv.3) Vintovka SR-98: Cuba - Almeida Compound - is in the second floor on a desk

(lv.1) Shotgun:
(lv.2) Sawed-off: New York - Corleone's Compound - right side of the main gate behind some bushes, you'll need an arsonist to burn it
(lv.3) Schofield Semi-auto: Florida - Global Storage Chop Shop - on the right side of this little island inside of the small warehouse

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there is already a post about this. theres a link in the guide


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This simply has been posted like 5 times already.
And every time the same guide :).

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Doesnt matter where he got it from it still helped so thanks to whoever posted it!!

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Ya, bro thx a lot this has helped me tons!!!


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yeah i seen after i posted if a mod wants to take it down that would be good