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04-13-2009, 03:31 AM
Ok, so Im going HD soon.

At the mo I have my XB1, 360, and DVD going into a Composite selector box. The Video (yellow) goes to SCART into my TV and the Audio (Red & White) go to my sound system. It works great, no problems etc etc

Now, looking at HD selectors I stumbled across this by Joytech:

http://www.joytech.net/products.php?section=viewprod&productID=79〈=1&catID=9 (http://www.joytech.net/products.php?section=viewprod&productID=79&lang=1&catID=9)

Great I thought, easy migration. Whack the HD cable for XB1 in and everything will be running through Component until I read this on p5 of the Manual found here:- http://www.joytech.net/download/manuals/AV/245C_User_Guide_WEB.pdf

Each input connection will only correspond to the matching output connection.
For example, a Component Video cable attached to Component Video Input 1 can only be viewed via the Component Video Output Socket and cannot be displayed via the S-Video, Composite Video or Stereo Audio RCA Output Sockets.I like my selector box as it means I can plug in anything with a Composite either Audio or Video like my iPod wth a 3.5mm to RCA or my n95 with TV cable and instantly switch to it without messing about with cables etc.

Now, Im going to be using Component going into my new TV so I can split the Audio RCA's to my sound system (hence why im not using HDMI). Does this mean that if I plug in say my PS2 using Composite in Input 6 that It wont work as the Output is using Component?

Or is it saying that its basically a pass-through and dont expect my Laptop plugged in with S-Video to be outputted through the Component if I havnt got another S-Video cable plugged in the other side?

Hope this all makes sense? I just want to make sure before I buy one, being a established name like Joytech Im hoping someone here may have one or can shed some light?

TIA :)

04-13-2009, 09:55 AM
it's pretty much a "pass through". If, for example, you have you 360 in number one with a composite, and a DVD player through component in Number 2, and a laptop with s-video in three then you'll need all three in the tv to see them. You could run optical audio out of you tv to your system and still be fine, as summing you have optical audio out on the tv and on you sound system.

04-14-2009, 12:43 AM
Wicked, so if i basically stick every source of output into the TV it doesnt matter how I input something as it has a way to be outputted then?