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12-07-2006, 06:50 AM
Head Collector-
star a rookie game at Native. Turn on the Ammo cheat (UnleashHell) an soon you'll fight a sniper. take the sniper and Aim and shoot every soldier in the game til you get said achievement. probably not a bad idea to turn on the health cheat as well. (ImJackCarver)

Shadow Hunter-
Start a rookie game, and only go for stealth kills. Easiest of the "Solo Mode Kills" achievements. Again not a bad idea to turn on some cheats.

Feral Warrior-
Infinite Feral Gauge a must,(Bloodlust) and (FeralAttack) unlocks it before you actually do. Recommend both and go through story just going Feral Punches. (ImJackCarver) will help too.

Treasure Raider- ???(what should i put for this?)

Chaos Winner-
see "Seek n Secure Winner".

Team Chaos Winner-
see "Seek n Secure Winner."

Steal the Sample Winner-
see "Seek n Secure Winner"

Predator Winner-
see "Seek n Secure Winner"

Seek n Secure Winner-
you can either do this legit (which aint hard) or you could do it like this...
for all of the multiplayer achievements, start a player match with the following options... (you can do this with any game type.)
Maximum Players- 2
Time Limit- 1 Minute
(Kills)(Steals)etc..- 1
(anything else)- as low as possible.

start the match and "return to lobby"(for Team Chaos and Chaos) for the other ones just wait a minute or do the objective.

Multiplayer Master-
achieved while getting the "Winner" series.

Chaos Champion-
if you have some time to kill, here's an achievement for you. You can do this legit, or the way above. just set the game type to (input game type here) and do it 50 times.

Team Chaos Champion-
See "chaos Champion"

Steal the Sample Champion-
see "Chaos Champion"

Predator Champion-
See "Chaos Champion"

Seek n Secure Champion-
See "Chaos Champion"

Multiplayer Champion-
after achieving all of the "Champion" series, you'll still need 50 more. do the same thing fifty more times. i recommend using Chaos because it is the fastest.

Multiplayer Uber Geek-
Wow. A much easier achievement than you think, just time(and electricity) consuming. Set the above game blueprint under Chaos with a time limit of 45 minutes, and auto-launch to 15 seconds. then turn your TV off and leave. You will have to do this process many times.(i.e.- during school/work, during sleep) but you will get it.

Multi Head Collector-

Easiest way is to make a map of just a bare small island (which for the sake of this guide will be called BLAM) and with some friends trade off killing each other. Helps to put a low re-spawn time and a high kill limit.


after doing the other Multiplayer kill achievements, you will have 860 kills. after all that 140 isn't so much, is it?


have two friends stand next to each other on BLAM and throw a grenade. repeat 9 more times.

Explosive Manic-

well, you already have 20 grenade kills, so go back to BLAM and kill your buddies 180 more times.

Road Demon-

Place A car on BLAM. run over friends. repeat.

Multi- Feral Warrior-

Go with your friends to BLAM and use your animal instincts!!!

Multi Stalker-

place a lone tree on BLAM. plant it with a branch, and have a friend walk up to it. repeat 99 times.

Instincts Rookie-
beat Instincts on Rookie.

Instincts Hunter-
beat Instincts on Hunter difficulty.

Instincts Predator-

Beat Instincts on Predator difficulty.

Instincts Devourer-

achieved after getting the "instincts" series.

EVolution Rookie-

beat evolution on Rookie difficulty.

Evolution Hunter-
beat Evolution on Hunter difficulty.

Evolution Predator-

Beat Evolution on Predator difficulty.

Evolution Devourer-

achieved after beating the "evolution" series.

Gamer Addict-

achieved by beating Instincts and Evolution

Gamer Nerd-

beaten after getting Evolution Devourer and Instincts Devourer. You may need to use cheats.