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Ninja Fox
04-16-2009, 03:19 PM
New York
Richie's Tavern [Front]: Slams and leans
The Empire Room [Front]: Physical threats
Appliance King [Front]: Property damage
La Maison Rouge [Prostitution]: Jabs and punches
Sweet Life Bakery [Prostitution]: Grabs
SaniCo Dump and Disposal [Drugs]: Threatening with firearm
SaniCo Incineration [Drugs]: Using firearm

Lansky's Deli [Diamond Smuggling]: Slams and leans
Bertolli Thrift Company [Diamond Smuggling]: Property damage
Emilio's Packing Company [Diamond Smuggling]: Strangles
Foreplay Pictures [Adult Entertainment]: Slams and leans
The Aristocrat [Adult Entertainment]: Slams and leans
Luscious Entertainment [Adult Entertainment]: Using firearm
Berry's Pawnbrokers [Front]: Property damage
Elite Diner [Front]: Grilled
Active Electronics [Front]: Property damage
Las Palmas [Front]: Slams and leans
Corman Drive-in Theater [Front]: Threatening with firearm
Global Storage [Chop Shops]: Slams and leans
ABF Ltd. Construction Site [Construction]: Threatening with firearm
Astoria Construction Site [Construction]: Slams and leans
S&L Construction Site [Construction]: Using firearm
SaniCo Truck Depot [Drugs]: Grabs
SaniCo Hauling Depot [Drugs]: Grabs
Basso Oil Fill & Go [Gun Running]: Physical threats
Basso Oil Express [Gun Running]: Slams and leans
Basso Oil Depot [Gun Running]: Threatening with firearm
Basso Oil Refinery [Gun Running]: Strangles
Jersey's Sports Bar [Gambling]: Property damage
Ausiello's Bar and Grill [Gambling]: Using firearm

Juan Sizzlio's [Front]: Property damage
Corazon de Oro [Adult Entertainment]: Physical threats
Casino Imperial [Gambling]: Jabs and punches
Casino Havana [Gambling]: Slams and leans
Global Crushers [Chop Shops]: Grabs
Global Towing [Chop Shops]: Jabs and punches
Global Imports [Chop Shops]: Jabs and punches
Battaglia Cement Depot [Arms Smuggling]: Jabs and punches
Battaglia Quarry [Arms Smuggling]: Jabs and punches
Battaglia Masonry [Arms Smuggling]: Jabs and punches
Battaglia Cement Factory [Arms Smuggling]: Slams and leans

04-16-2009, 03:27 PM
Very nice man, thanks for making this! It will help alot of people ;)

DFB 1708
04-16-2009, 06:23 PM
Nice, But I'd rather find out myself. But well I did that already so..