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04-17-2009, 04:41 PM
New maps are available for download now.For some unknown reason, Xbox Live hasn't got any kind of advertisement for them. You actually have to go the page for FEAR2 to get them. They're completely free. I've only got to play the sandbox map, but it was extremely fun, and massive. So if everybody would, please spread the word that they are available, so maybe this game can get a chance to run for a few more months. If everybody that bought this game would play it online and then post on Monoliths forums about their complaints, maybe they will fix it. It's worth a try. Also, even though you can get the new maps, it's still difficult to get a match. I'll be on tonight, Friday, April 17th from 10PM to 12AM hosting games on the new maps in ranked. So anybody that wants to play the new maps, you are welcome.