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04-17-2009, 05:20 PM
Has anyone got a guide I can follow i've tried keeping hold of towns but I always get overwhelmed by ships. I've tried fully upgrading my ship as well but the game is nearly lost by this point.

06-25-2009, 02:51 AM
I feel your pain on this mission. I have had three towns numerous times and have also had them fully upgraded. Then that abysmal AI controlled Peg leg Pete or whatever his name is always ends up abandoning some town or stealing my ship upgrades. I must say the AI in this game for allies is beyond pathetic. Will not give up even so. :)

07-14-2009, 07:33 AM
This sucks, but I'll say it: 7th challenge is random. It seems you've got to get lucky. Tonight, after having tried countless goddamn times before, I finally beat this beast; but it was more due to taking advantage of a lucky situation than anything else.

I started off trying to use jdobem's strategy from this thread:


It's a great strategy, and you should try it first, because it's more of a strategy than what I'm going to tell you. It simply didn't work for me. The biggest reason is that fucking unpredictible Pete. He's just so stupid, unhelpful, etc. I tried it twice before my lucky scenario won it for me.

I went down to Hamilton to start the strategy for the third time, and started well. Built that town up, got all my upgrades to level 2. I took the next town over (to the right), but kept losing it. I noticed Pete took a town here, a town there, but we always stayed at 2 towns. So did everyone else, for the most part.

Suddenly, I noticed we had three towns, and Pete was taking a fourth! So I hurried to help, and we took it. I ran straight up to take my fifth, but lost the one I had just taken. I kept heading toward the next town, and took it. Then I simply spun around, headed back toward the one I'd just lost, and finally, after playing this challenge over and over and over...achievement unlocked.

Lucky, as I said. I recommend you do start with the above strategy, though. jdobem's come up with the only way to attempt this controller-throwing challenge I've seen.

08-24-2009, 11:47 PM
Okay, here is what I did to complete Medium 7:

At the start of the game, upgrade your armor twice; this is important, because you won't be playing as an attacker for this map. Run south from your base and take over the 2x lumber town. Green and Brown will be focusing on Northeast and Northwest respectively at the start, so you should be fine to take this town over with no opposition. Usually, Peg Leg Pete will go attack one of the townseast or west of your position, which provides you with gold. Your role from here on out is defense. I can't stress it enough, defense, defense, defense. Hang out at the first town you took over until you have upgraded it both times. Your next objective is to do to the second town what you did with your first. Go hang out at the your second town and defend it until you have maxed that town out.

At this point Pete has more than likely taken the town that is on the opposite side of your first town (If he took west first, he should've taken east by now). Do the same thing with the third town you did with the first two.

The good thing about this strategy is if an enemy begins attacking a town and you come over to defend it, A) Your speed will be maxed within the first five minutes of the game, so you'll get there before any real damage is done and your defense will be so high a single enemy will just flee because they don't have a chance to win. If the enemy doesn't flee and their reinforcements come, you can take out 2 or 3 enemy ships by yourself if you're next to a town (Even with only one cannon).

09-25-2009, 12:35 AM
I have finally managed to clear both level 7 on medium and hard. The above strategy written by DigitalFury is as sound as there is one. I didn't go about it the way he did seeing as I focused on speed first then guns and last on armour. However I did take the cities in the exact same order and then tried to upgrade them all to the maximum limit. When and if you manage to do this there really isn't that much more that you can be sure to do right. I won because the enemy AI was extremely sluggish all of a sudden and never really got things going for them. I managed to take four towns and then waited for them to try and take one of mine before sailing of and capturing the one town they left undefended. To get past level 7 on medium I would have to say that you have to play both right and be a little lucky. :)

Good luck!

Darth Cuda
04-06-2010, 10:32 PM
The biggest reason is that fucking unpredictible Pete. He's just so stupid, unhelpful, etc. I tried it twice before my lucky scenario won it for me.

The AI is that bad? The only time I actually threw my 360 controller was
Because of a dumb AI partner EA's first Army of Two game. Because he kept pulling me out of cover and into gun fire before trying to heal me. Not once, EVERY time. I had to beat contractor essintially without being downed once. Please tell me its not THAT bad I just may not try it.

04-07-2010, 05:56 PM
I just finished this one on my third try. Here's what I did:

Start by upgrading armor twice and sailing towards the south collecting as many resources as you can (don't worry about attacking towns for now). Eventually one or two of the other factions will come down to attack your side of the map. Find the one they are attacking and just sit back and let them take each other out while they weaken the neutral town. Wait until either a) only one or two weak ships are left or b) the town is about to be captured and then move in, hopefully with help from Pete. If you capture it hang around to defend it until you're sure no one will come for it then upgrade it with the resources from earlier. Just play defense near the town only upgrading it when it has plenty of health. Around this time Pete should venture by himself to the next town and attack it. If he captures it go help him defend it until you can max upgrade it and repeat for the third town. By now you should have about three towns captured which you should focus on defending until there's about two minutes left. Check the score to see which other team controls the most towns and go to the one nearest to their lair (ie. You and green each have three towns so you would attack Svensson). If you capture it the other team will constantly try to take it back (failing since you have too much armor and are always being healed) and ignore the other towns allowing you to hold on for the win. This still requires some luck since the other team can always take your towns. However, I got it by staying behind defending the town nearest the purple teams side while Pete attacked Svensson effectively preventing either opponent from attacking the southern towns I controlled.

David x360a
04-09-2010, 08:19 PM
I finally got it just now, here's what I did:

I noticed that the northern towns were more or less neglected during a lot of my previous attempts. So I changed tactics entirely, starting to capture the northern towns and letting Pete do his own thing as usual. I began by taking Smithville, then I just kept attacking the merchant ships in the area and collecting crates until I could upgrade the town (I also took the time to upgrade my ship every now and then during the match). Then I captured Goldspring, and upgraded both towns fully. Then I upgraded my ship a bit before taking Rum River. By the time I had all three northern towns maxed, I had a pretty good ship as well, as I had taken the time to upgrade it in between town upgrades. Then I just played watchdog on my towns for a while, expecting Pete to contribute a bit (as he does every once in a while). I also kept an eye on any weak enemy towns, ready to attack it when the time was right. Pete finally managed to take a town of his own, and then I went for a town that looked weak. I captured it pretty quickly and won the round.

As with any strategy for this game, there is always the aspect of LUCK involved. I'm sure I could have tried this method 10 times without succeeding if I hadn't got a bit of luck along the way. However, I feel that it may be one of the better strategies since it's kinda 'thinking outside the box'. For a lot of the other challenges I have had great success when trying to do something differently than the apparent and obvious way. This makes me think that the developers are trying to reward those that dare try something different. Sure, it's a strange notion, but I think there may be something to it. I hope someone will try this method anyway and that they will succeed within a few tries. Good luck :)

Segolene Ruycel
02-07-2012, 11:47 AM
the David X360 tactics is my last chance. I failed with the others.

05-19-2012, 05:44 PM
Iīm stuck on this one too, i canīt believe i beat the hard version. Curse you Allied A.I.