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12-09-2006, 09:05 PM
What would be a good level to have your characters at before you fight the queen of ice?


12-09-2006, 10:10 PM
I would suggest mid to upper 50's. Just makes sure you beef up your characters by raising their stats. If you have a solid stratagy worked out, only the first battle should be hard and the rest easy. I actually beat her in the high 40's but is was more luck than anything.

12-10-2006, 03:27 AM
yea 55 worked fine for me. thanks for the help.

12-10-2006, 02:30 PM
I wouldn't save that level is the main factor in finishing the game, you'll need good skills and equipment, as well as a good strategy.

I beat the game after I had tackled all of the sacred beast shrines and all of the pillar guardians. Then I just levelled up in the omega place. As long as you can get to the last three levels in there, you should be able to finish comfortably.

Different people have different strategies though, so you could well be able to finish earlier than I did. Good luck though =)

Wreckon Dracgon
12-11-2006, 11:31 AM

This is a post I've place in another thread and this is all you need to know. Your level doesn't matter. I was only level 37 when I completed the game.
And the first battle using the set up below is a breeze, you can kill both forms of the Ice Queen in one turn if you start the match in the right position, if not it won't last longer than two turns.


I've said this a ton of times in other threads and will say it again. It all depends on what you are playing the game for. If you want to just play the game to finish it and that's it use the following

Atsuma (as if you have a choice)

Phoenicia (located in the Londinus Plains North Forest in the Fire Temple right before you enter the stairway to return to Yokohama City)

Aero Dragon (located in the Yamashiro Marsh Forest outside of the village in the Wind Temple)

Alibarad (she is located in a chest on the 11th level of the Holy Beast Shrine)

With this setup you will breeze through the rest of the game.

Just be sure to max out their stats and make sure that Atsuma and Phoenicia have around 5,000 in health. Alibarad only needs about 2,000 in HP and the Dragon is fine with 3,000.

Your toughest battles the remainder of the game are the Earth Devil Golem, and Infinity. And by toughest I mean they won't end in one turn. With Atsuma, and Phoenicia powered up 75% by Alibarad it makes the Ice Queen battles a pointless breeze. Both Atsuma and Phoenicia will hit her with about 4500 HP damage attacks killing her rather quickly. For the Earth Golem you won't have Alibarad because she is not obtainable until after you visit the Vorbios Volcano. But with the Aero Dragon at Max you should be fine. Just be sure to have any Golem with you that heals. I would suggest using Raiger and keeping the Dragon behind him. Use Floresia who you can get from the Casino. Max out her Support which is easier to do if you fight with her on your team as you enter the Wind Temple to get the Aero Dragon. Plus she has the Support + 20% which helps. She can give your entire team back 1358 in HP which means the Earth Devil Golem won't do any damage to you at all. Plus she can power up the Dragon by %50.

Once you get to Infinity again just power up all your characters especially the Dragon which will do 4500 HP in damage while Atsuma and the Phoenicia will be doing 2250 HP in damage and at times they'll do 4500 as well when you attack the opposite aligned Orbs that power Infinity.

Now if you plan to play the game online after completing I would tell you to get all of the Golems you can and the best setup is.

Divine Turtle
Aero Dragon

The Turtle is without a doubt the best Golem in the game between his 699 HP attack that hits almost everyone. His Barrier ability that prevents status problems, and his Protection ability that reduces all damage to half.

With the above set up you can destroy any opposition you face during the game. The battles won't go as quickly as they would with Alibarad's Power Up but you'll be dealing damaged of 2000 Hp to everyone on the opposition while they are doing very little to you because of the Turtle.

Other great golems are
Folly Carol - Holy Beast Shrine Level 8
She has an 800HP move that hits everyone on the board

Executor Holy Beast Shrine Level 11
He as a really nice looking set of moves one does 800 in HP the other 480 in HP but the moves are both direct meaning the damage only affects those in the front, the back row only gets half the damage.

The two of these Golems powered up by Alibarad will deal 2800 in damage to everyone in the front, and 2100 if they are covered. Plus if they happen to be Fire based that shoots up to 4200 & 3500 in HP damage.

Also of note is the...
White Tiger - Earth Temple located inside the Vorbios Volcano Wind Tunnel
He has a devastating 1580Hp move that when powered up by Alibarad increases to 3170 in damage. It however has limited range and requires the person to be on the first square to use.

12-11-2006, 03:28 PM

If you worked to get the Omega Golem, you should be more than powerful enough to beat the game. The Holy Beast Shrine is a lot harder than any of the final boss battles. After the Shrine, I destroyed every random enemy in one turn and the bosses didn't last long either.

08-20-2008, 11:36 AM
My charactars was in lvl 40 when i beat the queen of ice whitout any trouble at all. and yeah. i also beat the last boss with this lvl“s.