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04-19-2009, 09:48 PM
Okay, this guide is unknown, but is certain to work. I was one of those people who spent about 4 hours trying to get this achievement.

To get a penalty shot opportunity in hockey, you need to be on a BREAKAWAY and have the opponent check you from behind while shooting.

NOTE: I used 2 controllers and a guitar.

So, this is the guide:

1. Adjust the settings: Turn all Penalties all the way to the right. Turn the difficulty to All-Star.

2. Adjust the rosters: Choose Denmark to play against. Change every players stats to 0. To do this quickly, use LB to decrease the attributes by multiples of 10. After you lower everything to 0, go back and boost the AGGRESSIVENESS to 99.

3. Start a game using one of the All-Star teams, and play against Denmark. Put yourself on the All-Stars, and put the other controllers you own on Denmark's team.

4. On the break, give AST (All-Star Team) the puck. Take one of the other controllers and start checking people to get in the penalty box. To do this more efficiently, hold RT and press B to check people while sprinting. This makes it easier to get the penalty.

5. Now, get the puck with AST and take it to the bottom of the screen where your goal is. Now, hide behind the net and grab another controller.

6. With the other controller(s), bring more players down next to AST player with the puck.

7. Once, you feel they are near the net, grab AST player and sprint to the other side of the rink. Once there, wind up for the shot by holding X.

8. Now, switch players on the other controllers and they should sprint down and check you from behind. This will give you the penalty shot. Once you have the penalty shot, just skate right and press X. The goalie is so worthless he just stands there and the puck goes in. Then, the game freezes for a few seconds and the acheivement pops.

I hope this helps. I tweaked another guy's guide, and I need to find his username to give credit.

07-16-2009, 11:19 AM
Ty much good tip.....

04-24-2010, 01:22 AM
Thanks alot man i've been stuck on this last achievement for awhile

04-25-2010, 09:46 PM
where do i find the player stats menu?

07-02-2010, 10:41 AM
After weeks of pulling my hair out and trying to do it by editing states using 2 controllers by myself I gave up.

But then I took the game home and played on my brothers 360, set it up with 3 controllers and bam it worked, we didn't even adjust anything we played Tampa Vs Anaheim it was just so simple! He got 3 achievements of that one goal, the other 2 came about 2 min later!

The only problem is its under his account! So I need to bring my hard drive back with me and do it for me!

07-03-2010, 01:53 AM
Good tip. Has anyone else tried it. Since you are using to controllers is it easier to do this with 2 people? Would love to complete this game.

07-03-2010, 02:31 PM
Good tip. Has anyone else tried it. Since you are using to controllers is it easier to do this with 2 people? Would love to complete this game.

Yeah we had 3 controllers in total and I used 2 controllers and just put one player behind the opponents net and left him there them went back to the other controller and used it to pull other guys down.

Then my brother had his controller and made his way up the ice, as he did that I got in behind him and used the right stick to trip him while he was holding down X.

Bam a penalty shot.

So to recap you need 3 controllers and two people, 4 controllers would be easier but it's really easy with 3.

07-06-2010, 03:53 PM
Im preety well coordinated so i just did this by myself with 2 controllers. I was setting it all up perfectly just wasn't getting the penalty, it would be a face off or nothing at all.

I think i spent about 2hrs trying to get it, got quite frustrated but was re-leaved once I got it :).

02-12-2011, 02:14 PM
Ok, this is not my work, so don't thank me. Following this guide, gave me the achievement after 2 mins or so. They will foul you.

Go into "Rosters" (under the "Options" Menu), and "View Roster" for Denmark's team (the team you'll be playing against). For EACH AND EVERY skater, adjust the following attributes down to "1" (I chose "1" rather than "0" to avoid potential CPU over-compensation for Denmark's players):

Acceleration (easier to get on 'breakaway' if you pass them easily)
Faceoff (I always wanted to win faceoffs, as this would make orchestration easier)
Hustle (again, easier to 'breakaway' if you're passing them easily)
Puck Handling (if Denmark got puck, wanted to take it back easily)
Speed (same reasons as Acceleration and Hustle)
Composure (I wanted all their players feeling free to hack at 'breakaway' player)

Getting breakaway now is EASY.

On that first "Rosters" screen, you're viewing only the skaters -- press LB once to view the goalies, and we can make them more like loaves of bread than professional goalies. Here's what I changed (again, down to "1" for named attributes) for both goalies, though I'm confident you can lower much more than I did, for even better effectiveness:

Anticipation (easy scoring on goalies with poor anticipation)
Balance (if goalies fall down after one juke, they're toast)
Focus (goalie will never see the shot coming)
Lateral Movement (move left, then back right, goalie's at wrong side)
Puck Control (wanted to be able to take puck back from goalie, during play)
Quickness (much like anticipation)
Reflexes (much like quickness)
Speed (assumed that this was exactly like quickness)
Composure (nervous goalies save less)
Vision (exactly like focus, I assumed)

(obviously, when you're looking at that screen there are MANY more options one could edit to incapacitate the opposing goalies, even further)

...with those changes, and playing BY MYSELF (NOT even using a second controller, which I finally gave up on as too unwieldy to attempt) as the North American All-Stars vs. the new-and-unimproved-Denmark, I simply took control of the puck, brought it behind my own net (to bring opposing team as far forward as possible), then SPRINTED (right trigger, direct player normally with left stick) towards the opposing net, releasing right trigger and holding "X" immediately after passing last defender (not too close to goalie, or your momentum carries you into goalie, who takes possession) -- second try earned me the penalty shot, first try at penalty shot scored.

A HUGE thanks to RougeRogue1 for this guide!