View Full Version : Easy way to get achievements

04-19-2009, 11:10 PM
I battled my way through 12 minute quarters trying to get 9 rebounds with wade, and failing, but eventually getting there, but could get nowwhere near enough blocks to get the acheivments for yao ming, 15 blocks and others such as lockdown, and all hustle.
Until i found game sliders, which are located when you press start, in options then on "my NBA", Probably me just being retarded that ive never noticed this but you can then adjust everything from your opponents tendencies, to the likeliness of making shots, your shot blocking ability and rebounding.
Which made it very easy for me to complete the final acheivements that i had been missing.
Hope its not just me who didnt know about the sliders, and it at least helps someone out there.