View Full Version : A+ for Mission 3?

Astro Haggis
04-20-2009, 01:45 PM
I seem to have a problem concerning the fact that I can't get an A+ on the third mission - my last run of the mission had me recieving four A+ subscores and 2 As (think the other scores were perhaps Bs and Cs) but still no A+s, and also less points than my previous run, which had less A+ scores!

Could this be due to the fact that even though subscores update themselves on the Mission Stats, the Completion Score doesnt do so accordingly? Because my current Mission stats are:

Completion Score - A
Elapsed Mission Time - A+
QTE Success Rate - A
Retries - A+
Best Hit Combo - A+
Best Kill Combo - A+
Finish Attacks - B
Damage Taken - B

And yet no A+? Any thoughts on possible improvements?

04-20-2009, 08:05 PM
To give you an idea of what score you can go for to get an A+ here is mine for mission 3

Completion Score A+

Elapsed Time - 18"52 A+
QTE - 2480 A+
Retries - 0 A+
Best Hit Combo - 102 A+
Kill Combo - 63 A+
Finish Attacks - 35 A+
Damage Taken - 1362 A+

Maybe use these points as a guide where you can improve the most? For damage taken and finish attacks just reload the checkpoint to get the best result from each checkpoint.