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04-21-2009, 02:09 PM
I have perfect everything but my power to 12...Power is at 11.8..I missed one Frackin fairway on my last round...Anyway, my question is If i hit driver off the tee and then put the second shot on the green and putt for an eagle every hole...Will my short game and accuracy stats go down?

04-22-2009, 08:43 AM
They shouldn't but you must get close to the pin when going for the green.
Just land on the fairway from the tee, get GIR on all the holes and try to have a close approach with 1.2 putts per hole.

05-09-2009, 02:35 PM
Ok.. her'e what I did.
Play from the middle tees with easy pins.
Hit driver and NO boost from tee to get POWER. -
PAR 4's ----What you want to do it try drive at least 100 yds from the green. Anything inside 100yds won't help your APPROACH.
PAR 5's - Drive long (power) hit and iron to INSIDE 100yds, PITCH onto the green and putt.

Power is gained from hitting both fairways and distance.
Approach is shots from 100+ yds from the green
Short game is pitching from 99 yds and in
putting is well, putting.

If you play 18 holes from the fronts, drive a majority of greens, get ont he floor in 2 on par 5's and still 1 putt, you won't get much change in the approach and short game...
though you may shoot a 49 or so you don't actually use the approach/short game enough to let the game give you kudos for your shots.

Make sure you get a drive, approach, and putt for each par 4, Drive, lay up to 99 or less yds, chip, putt on all par 5's, and go pin seeking on all par 3's.

If you follow this you can go from 8's to 12's in 3 rounds.

IF you're a damn good putter plaqying on PRO can really help too... and you can get this chieve at the same time, since you can't boost or reach alot of 5's in 2 anyhow.