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Mr Magic
04-23-2009, 12:56 PM
I saw on this forum that a lot of people have trouble with this game, but I beat it in one day. Here are a few tips on getting the full 1000 for this game.

-On any boss(Samuel L. Jackson, final boss, etc.) start off by being on the bottom of your screen. And have the boss on the top of your screen looking down at you. You don't want to be side-by-side or have the boss looking another way besides directly at you. It doesn't matter which way you look, just the boss. This helps you to start your combo without getting blocked.

-Every boss has a side(x, y, b, or a) that starts off open. This is why you want the boss looking at you, so the a side for example isn't mistaken for the b side because he's looking a different way. So start off with the same button for every combo.

-For combo's, I just started off with the same button every time, and then stared at the boss feet to watch for the green side(since it is easier to see then the side with no color). I would hit the green side button twice then look for the next green side. On you get to the 3rd section of the combo you want to use x, b, or a for the first two buttons. Because then you can hit y for the third button which gives him a final slam to the ground. and you can't hit y, y, y.

-Go through the game once and then continue another one. This will be for the 45,000xp and finishing the game in record time. Because you should have the best weapon in the game, at the very beginning. Which make the first 3 level or so very easy.

-Use this sites guides to find all collectibles, comic book covers, and weapons.

-For the final boss, use this trick in this thread but I used a more simple way. I just got him into the indicated corner(looking at the door, corner to the left) and just kept using combos on him. When he started to move around to much, or went into 'block mode' I slide into him to make him move closer to the corner. Try not to go for any health if you don't need to, because this will make the enemies at the door get unstuck and come fight you.


-My last tip is for the drop zones. I got this achievement on my second playthrough but it was glitched. the achievement poppped up when I was doing the grand canyon drop which I have done at least 4 times before, and have never done the Polar bear drop. Which I did later after the achievement. I would suggest to keep continuing your game w/ the best weapon until you get this.

Hope this helps, message me for any questions.

05-30-2009, 03:31 AM
this is good thanks