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04-24-2009, 06:04 AM
This is my 2nd idea. If you are a mod/admin could you please view my first one before this one. A mod has yet not paid it attention and I much prefer it. It is still on the first page of this same forum.

My idea is to have a special place in your profile where you could list some specific stuff about your games very similar to your "about" page in your profile. A person could list things such things as games they own, games they are working on, games completed, games they want to boost in, etc. I know that there are already forums for some of these things but this could finally provide an uncluttered, optional space to put this kind od information up for view. This would also mean less posts for mods to read through and less cluttered signatures for people choosing to use this feature.

Some more advanced possibilities if this were to work out would be to automatically add games from people's checklists/where you click saying you own a game (good use for a feature not being used yet), and there could also be a possible option to search for people who own or want to boost/play certain games. Of course the first part I mentioned should come first but just think of the possibilities and the possibilities on making the mods job easier while we're at it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, feel free to give me your comments (or critiscism).

EDIT: Forgot to mention that a link to my first idea is in my signature, the first link is to the post mentioned while the second link goes to this page. :p

04-24-2009, 10:26 AM
Full of 'em aintcha mate!
Again, another very basic idea that'd make a big difference to some people.

He didn't link to his first idea but it's currently in his sig for any mod's who haven't had a look yet.

But yeah, I'd appreciate a place to write my games and what I'm working on, similar to their checklists but in a less efficient way.

Left4Dead - 49/50 - Need Nothing Special, any help?!
Halo - 1250GS - Need the Mythic Maps! Waiting for ODST. Any boosters want to book in advance?
Crackdown - Anyone want to co-op?

Or did you mean for it to be in a more Set way?
If it were to be a straight set up, have a space for 3 or 5 games, you can write the title, you're completion, then the achievemnt(s) you want help with.
If it's condensed enough it can go on the left with your Username, your Rank, Join Date, Location, Posts, Gamercard and then Boosting: Name, Completion, Achievement.

Unless again I'm miles out of your trail of thought :)
In which case let me know, I'll correct myself again

Andrew x360a
04-24-2009, 12:35 PM
I suspect that one of the responses you'll see a lot of will mention the fact that most people who want to display the games they're working on or want help with on their signature. The obvious advantage to that approach is that people see it every time you post on the site, not just when someone goes to your profile.

04-24-2009, 01:18 PM
To the first reply, the checklist thing was just an added bonus I had in my head that maybe it could be set up so that games you added to your checklist could be automatically added to the list in your profile. As for the rest I see people with really big sigs. all the time and if they choose this would give them an option to unclutter them. I was also thinking that instead of writing the games in your self they could be accessible from a drop down list. As for why I am "full of them", if there is something I cannot find, or something that seems out of place or difficult to attain, I do research on it, think about if other people could be feeling the same way, and then think of a way to fix it.

To the second reply, I was just thinking that people who wanted to free up space in their signature could, then with the list of games (already in the sites data banks?!?) selected from a drop down list it could open up possible features like searching for people who want to play a certain game instead of having to look for them. Thanks for your opinion anyways. :)

Edit: and in your case that link you have in your signature could just go to that new "tab" in your profile.

04-25-2009, 02:26 PM
I think this is a really good idea...that way if I wanted to boost or look for someone that needs boosting at a certain game...I could use this new feature to search for them right?

04-25-2009, 03:07 PM
I think this is a really good idea...that way if I wanted to boost or look for someone that needs boosting at a certain game...I could use this new feature to search for them right?

If it worked out, yes.