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05-05-2009, 01:05 AM
Now Anderson Silva has 4 fights left on his UFC contract, and if still holding the belt after those 4 fights he automatically gets 1 title defense until he loses the belt(champions clause in contract). Now it's not private knowledge that Anderson Silva has stated he only wanted BIG NAME fights with his 4 fights left and also wanted Roy Jones Jr. We've already found out the first fight Forrest Griffin. The rumored second fight if both win is GSP. That leaves him with 2 fights left. Now looking at the 185 divison there are no BIG NAME fighters left he hasn't already beat besides Micheal Bisbing and he's only huge in UK and would have to beat Henderson in an amazing performance. Besides that theres Maia and Okami neither are close to big names. Now Maia vs Silva may have been looked at until Silva vs Leites happend and has since been scratched. Yushin Okami was in line for a shot before but got injured and has just recently blew his knee out once again and will be out of action. So that takes care of Henderson,Maraquert?,Bisbing,Cote,Maia and Okami so who's left? There's no BIG NAMES left at the 185 mark so he would probably keep going to 205 where theres alot of bigger names. So with that said, what do you guys think should become of the 185lb title? Should the rest of the divison have to wait till Silva has his 4 big fights(assuming bisbing loses) and the champion clause goes into effect or should they make him drop the title and do a middleweight tournament with the top middleweight talent? No matter what they do it would suck to be a top contender with out a big draw name in the middleweight divison at this time in the UFC. I would of liked to see Okami vs Silva but the rematch will probably never happen, other then that I hate seeing fighters have to sit on the sidelines and wait. Your opinion?

05-05-2009, 02:08 AM
Well Silva's next fight is Griffin at UFC 102 so that leaves 3 fights technically and then if Bisping wins against Henderson (it's a toss up as to who will win, I hope Hendo does though) that would leave 2. Right now it looks like they're banking on the winner of Marquardt vs. Maia to get the next shot so that leaves one.....that final fight would probably be George St. Pierre. So thats what I imagine would be his 4 fights and from there, he'd probably retire the champion and undefeated in the UFC. From there, they'd probably have the tourny you mentioned and who knows who'd take the title

Dert McGert
05-05-2009, 06:01 AM
Okami fears spiders, so he won't ever get a shot. Maia/Marquardt is for the #1 spot, I assume after Hendo/Bisping. And GSP moving up in weight is a huge fight, but one that Silva would win. I hate to say it, but Cote should get a rematch. I think Cote deserved to go out on a better note if he was going to lose.