View Full Version : 4-10th May Nintendo downloads

05-09-2009, 06:22 PM
All three of Nintendo's game download shops got new goodies this week, in the form of Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure for WiiWare, Fantasy Zone II for Virtual Console and A Little Bit Of... Magic Made Fun: Deep Psyche for DSiWare.

Here's the official blurb:

WiiWARE - Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!
(Square Enix, 800 Wii Points):

In Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!, players control the rainbow magic-wielding Bubby or Bobby and climb the seven seamless areas of a tower that reaches towards the heavens. You must be careful to defeat the enemies with their rainbow powers.

Bosses controlled by the scientific genius Dr. Crescent await players at the end of every area. Attempt to get through every area to meet the rainbow-coloured comet known as Holly's Comet within the allotted time.

There are 3 game modes for this game. You can enjoy the tale of Holly's Comet in Story Mode, Challenge Mode where players attempt to climb as high as they can from 0m, and Time Attack where players select an area and see how fast they can climb it. Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! is an exhilarating action game where you use rainbows to climb into the heavens!

Virtual Console - Fantasy Zone II
(Sega Master System, 500 Wii Points):

10 years have passed since Opa-Opa restored peace to the Fantasy Zone. But now history is repeating itself and the Fantasy Zone once again finds itself under attack!

The mastermind of the Nenon planet forces is secretly constructing a huge fortress in the Fantasy Zone and it's up to Opa-Opa to stop him!

Nintendo DSiWARE - A Little Bit Of...Magic Made Fun: Deep Psyche
(Nintendo, 200 DSi Points):

Impress your friends with mesmerising magic using A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun - a collection of easy-to-perform tricks that you can carry wherever you go!

Deep Psyche uses the Nintendo DSi system to reveal a person's current condition through a series of fun psychological questions. The result may surprise you!

Also included are two additional tricks: Today's Special, which makes spookily-accurate predictions based on random numbers, and Vanishing Card, which appears to turn your Nintendo DSi system into a mind-reading machine!