View Full Version : Superstar Lady X??? I guess not!

05-12-2009, 03:26 AM
Well, others of you may already know this info, but I have not seen it posted online so I thought I would post it.

I was trying to get Makoto's final unlock of the Mimi suit by loading and loading over and over to try to get a 3 way to come up with Reiko and Aigle, and was getting bored. (Of course I was not really loading over and over... I was doing the trick of going into the character select screen and exiting) So I decided to put Lady X Substance as my tag partner and see if I could build up her popularity so I could try to see if she/it had a superstar mode. The only way to make her popularity go up was to win the tag team championship with her.

I won the belt and Lady X got 100 popularity, but the bad news is there is still no superstar option for her. But at least I tried.

And of course just about the time I was going to do the same thing with Lady X Subsistence, I decided to play a 3 way that only had Reiko and another misc character (not Aigle) in it for the heck of it. Well, turned out you don't have to do a 3 way with only you and Reiko and Aigle. I guess you can do one 3 way with Reiko and someone else and one 3 way with Aigle and someone else!!! That would have saved me a lot of time loading over and over!

So once again, using the Lady X characters is worthless, because you could be making money for another character as your tag partner instead of wasting time with Lady X. But at least it was a little change of pace for a little while.

I hope this is of some help to someone