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05-13-2009, 12:14 PM
Update: All right, so I kinda took a two week 'vacation' from XBox, but I'm back now and just answered my question. You CAN get the achievement on your first playthrough, it's just a matter of if you will be able to kill the Zoid prototypes before they kill you. A good thing to note may be that they don't seem to give you more experience (I'm still comparing data on this to figure out if they do or not) and definitely don't give you any weapons or armor (based on killing the first Zoid prototype - maybe others will), but what I DID seem to get from it, was a grade-A DataDisk. To figure out if THAT was worth it, I had to figure out what it even does.. and to be quite honest.. not much. Depending on the DataDisk, you will get an upgrade to all weapons or armor of the corresponding DD. Be it a bit more damage, or more HP. This DD I got from the boss gives me a whole 70 more HP and 6 more Impact Resistance.. which may make a difference some day, but doesn't seem to make a huge difference since I would have to use the corresponding armor to get that bonus anyway and would get no bonus at all from using different armor. Final judgement on whether it's worth it or not would be if you want to try and save time, go for it, but don't expect it to do much for the upcoming levels. The achievement unlocks after you beat the level and watch the 'cut-scene'.

Hey I'm just curious because I'm attempting something seemingly quite difficult.. can you get the achievement on your first playthrough or does it actually require it to be during your second? I've already confirmed that I can 'summon' the first boss.. and I've killed him even, but because I didn't destroy the third radar dish in time, I failed the mission, haha.

Yea anyway, just figured I'd ask even though pretty much no one has played this, lol.. Oh and actually it would even be helpful for me if you could let me know when the achievement unlocked for you during the second playthrough (if it was after you beat the mission or not).

07-15-2009, 06:54 PM
yes you can...but the last container u need for zoid 1 is behind trees and a building and u dont have missile pods yet...besides...good luck trying to beat them anyways...youd get smoked...for anyone thinking of trying this..dont even bother it is utterly impossible on 1st playthrough..thats why their called 2nd playthrough bosses...the games hard enough as it is on the first playthrough without having to worry about bosses