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05-14-2009, 11:41 PM
Okay i'm getting restless doing the casino trick. In the guide it says to get everys HP to around 1000 (mre stats n so on)

So anyways, i have the followin stats (below) and was wandering if these are alryt to have for now and come back to the casino and do the trick again if i come up to a battle that i cant do?


740 HP
450 EP


600 HP
375 EP


600 HP
375 EP


600 HP
375 EP

Are those stats good enough for me to play the game a while? I wanna start to play the game but doing this all the time makes me not want to...

Btw, will i come back to the city throughout story or would i have to re-trace my steps all the time?

Sway Leggs
05-15-2009, 01:40 AM
I tryed to do as the guide says but I couldn't do it, it took to much time and I just wanted to play.
what I did was just get Atsuma's stats like it said in the guide.
I didn't use the group of chars the guide says to use ether I used Atsuma the girl and her slave/boyfriend with the sword and Mirlin the Golem and I am now back at Londen city for the 2nd time and I didn't run into and problems.

Wreckon Dracgon wrote the guide and says you should have no problems for a long time with the setup he had and I'm sure with the setup he has the fights are done alot faster than when I'm fighting, but I haven't died or ran
into any trouble (YET).
So I think you should be ok and It wouldn't be a big deal if you move on.

05-15-2009, 08:03 AM
It's possible to do this game without any prior training apart from the end battle.

Just keep playing don't worry about getting everybody through the casino trick. I think the only point in doing that is if you want all your fights to be 1 move only so you don't lose any VP. Play the game normally it's actually more fun - 1 move battles get's boring quick.

The only battles I would be wiery about are Raiger vs Ooka. Then the Earth Devil Golem. Use Earth based people/golems to block his attacks, they get 50% reductions. I don't think I could of done that battle without my trusty side kick APO lol - I had APO at the front. Raigar behind APO so double blocking as they are both earth based. Atsuma and forgot who else behind them. This made a line of defense which was handy because it's such an hard battle.

I just played the game as intended. Some points I had to struggle but I always managed to get out of a pickle using a bit of brain power in battle.

You characters are well ready for going through man, I think by the time I was at 50% completion Atsuma was at 1000 hp lol. Don't worry :)

For the final battle I would go do all the temple / beast shrine. I ended up with characters at level 56-57. They go up so quick in there it's madness :)