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05-20-2009, 10:51 PM
Hello everyone I'm ImpendIn_Agony, and I would like to make a suggestion to x360a mods, admins, and the community in general. This suggestion is in regard to our x360a group on another site called 360 voice, which is one of our affiliates as describe on our Home Page. We have the biggest,and arguably the best group on 360 voice and, it includes a number of our high achieving, and well respected members. Some of them are the most watched, and looked upon members of 360 Voice . However unless one is told about our 360 Voice group by one of our fellow members, or finds it by accident, most of our community here at 360a is unaware of the group or how to join. This leads me to my suggestion of a more formal adoption of our 360 voice group by our site here.

By adoption I mean the inclusion of it on our forums in a more high profile fashion. This could be possible as just a highly visible sticky thread, or more in the way of how our Maximum Clubs and Leaderboards are kept. We could also start properly vetting the group members that join, much in the same way we do for the Maximum Clubs. The rules for admission would be set down by the our staff. It could also be run by one of our respected members, such as the member who created the group JC. Now as for why this should be done, is that this could be a boon to our site 360a.

It would generate a large amount of good publicity for our site.When someone looks up groups or high scores on 360 Voice most every person looks at the biggest or the best, it is human nature. We here at x360a fit both categories. They see the score and the private group, and other gamers think "who are these guys?" That inevitably leads them back to our x360a community. Most of the gamers that see x360a do not forget about the site. If they do not join, they at least come back time and time again to our community for help. Is that not what we are at our core? A community of gamers who believe every point counts and, that helping each other achieve that in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is paramount.

I understand that there are valid factors that could impede this suggestion, considering that the service is that of another website. The only reason I decided to suggest this was because of their affiliated status with our site. There could also be monetary compensation problems for advertising, copyrights or many other factors that would make this issue null or a chore to complete. I just believe it might be worth looking into, because I feel the positives far outweigh the negatives. Implementing these suggestions will help support our community and expand its' influence into new areas of the gaming community in general. that can only be a good thing. I respectfully look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the subject.

05-20-2009, 11:24 PM
The fact that you are talking about two sites makes your post a little confusing (or at least to me:p) what I would actually suggest is for the "owner" of the group that you belong make a social group on this site and invite everybody over and have the two social groups set up as one so to speak, possibly including links from the one to the other and the other to the one. Hope something works out for you, by the way, just so that the admins/mods/"community" can see the social group in question so that they can make a better suggestion might I suggest adding a link to it in this thread.

EDIT: Sorry if I read you wrong (like I said already, I found your post a little confusing), if the group is on this site then I have no idea what you were saying and I've just been rambling on, sorry for my incompetence :p