View Full Version : Trading Card Achievement Issues???

Goots 88
05-22-2009, 03:59 AM
After trying to get the "Spread The Wealth Achievement" for weeks now, I finally figured out what the issue was. Eventhough in my Album it showed that I unlocked a card from every team, it still was not unlocking. Then I remembered seeing in a previous post, you most complete a game in order for the cards to count (ie: you cant play one inning to get a shutout w/ a pitcher then quit, it won't count). Then it hit me, I use to play with the Mets online, because any other team I picked people would quit. And when I unlocked cards during my online games playing as the Mets my opponents quit, "not completing the game". Therefore I went back played a single player 3 inning game with the Mets and viola, Spread the Wealth Achievement. Any questions, msg me. Hope I helped, I know how frusturating this achievement was, it took me FOREVER to figure this out.

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