View Full Version : Best way to train your fighter in career?

05-22-2009, 01:48 PM
My first fighter is a LHW kickboxer/BJJ and I'm just curious how you guys have been spending your points and how you are doing the training (strength/cardio/speed).

I've been undefeated until getting matched up against Rampage (he's the weakest of the 3 fighters you can pick, both times) and both times I've gotten dominated by him in the first round. Both times by him getting me in clinch and even if I do nothing but try to back out of it, or block+punch my way out I never get free and eventually get sent on my ass and TKO'd

Pretty sure I've been spending my points the wrong way, considering I have more striking and kick offense than Griffin, but terrible defenses. Thing is, I'm not sure how to "balance" my points between offense and defense, and which defenses to pick.

So yeah, how are you guys spending your points and doing training? This isn't just for kickboxers btw, I plan on doing other types of fighters in the other weight classes.

Midnight Malice
05-22-2009, 02:12 PM
It all depends on your own fighting style. If you aren't even sure what you rely on most in a fight, you will never be able to spend your points right. I have restarted my career 3 times cause I didn't like my fighting style and I didn't like the way my attributes looked about 10 fights into the career.

The best advise I can give over the forums is to build whatever you rely on first. If you use your hands build up striking, feet, kicking, if you tend to shoot a lot for the take down..... basically just know how you fight. You can get away with low offense for some things if you never use it, but your defense should be strong and very well balanced.

The only other thing I can say is to start your career very slow. Fight the lowest guy as much as you can. I won the Light-Heavyweight title on my 10th fight, and you have to go 35+. Use everything possible when sparring, like everything, strike takedowns, submissions, reversals, transitions... the more stuff you pack into 1 sparring session the more points you will get for your attributes. As for Strength Speed Cardio, I honestly think cardio is the most important. I had strength and speed in the mid 30's while I built cardio up to the 80's. But I also had 70+ takedowns and submissions cause I tended to go for those a lot.

All that to really say that only you can tell if you are building your stats right. If you can't hang with Rampage, you probably overreached in setting up the fight.