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The Bold and The Brutal
05-24-2009, 03:19 AM
SO, i noticed a lot of ppl are having issues with subs, or not being able to beat certain fighters. Tip, WORK THE BODY, use ur jabs, and straights, move in and out, u can SMOKE rampage, or anderson, or any elite striker by tearing down their body try this. HIGH'S and LOW'S. don't just try to go in balls out, swinging (unless u have liddell or rampage) pick ur shots, and keep them guessing, it's real simple. BLOCK!!!!!! make sure u remember to block, block whenever moving back or forward. move in, throw 3 to 5 punches or kicks, then move out, WHILE blocking.

left body shot, right body shot, left to the head
head, body, leg kick
body kick, leg kick, head kick
it's all about high's and low's, the striking is EASY!!!!

BUT the subs (on career) are almost impossible, i fought forrest 6 times, and destroyed him every fight using the same method, high's and low's. BUT i could NEVER makes him tap, even with my Sub Offense at 89!!!!!! it's cheap as hell. i could KO everyone with no sweat, but could never dominate the ground. i went 33-0 with just 2 subs, and i had to completely SMOKE shogun and wande (wanderlei silva) to make them tap, it's hard and not worth the effort.


with this game, u can mix things up all u want, but in the end, u can't really be or do what u want too, u have to take what is giving to u, the computer (career) is completely cheap, if they have wrestling, it's almost impossible and frustrating to get a takedown, YET they can take u down at will most of the time. and some fighters can use their RB special move, on command and it'll work EVERYTIME, if u fight Karo P. he will judo throw u all over the place, and u can't stop him. CHEAP.

if they are primarily strikers, i PROMISES u, if u use the HIGH'S and LOW's method, u'll smoke them and get an knock out EVERYTIME, easy.

BUT no matter what strength or WEAKNESS they will have, it's almost certain u won't be able to just shoot in and get the sub on command, u can KO them all day EASY!!! even on the hardest mode, but can't make them tap.

Now if u pick Big Nog, u can shoot in and go for the sub over and over and it'll always work, EVEN GASED ALL THE WAY or pick Liddell and KO anyone in 7 secs, BUT u can't make a fighter (career) who will be a beast like the computer. WEAK SAUCE

this game can be every bit of fun, yet every bit of frustrating and cheap, thus making it unbalanced.


05-24-2009, 03:23 AM
Very, very good post..
This is very good advice,, me and my friends must have put maybe...20 hours into this game since yesterday. It's very fun, but my other friend is a beast at the game, so I hope I can put what you have said to practise.
Thank you.

The Bold and The Brutal
05-24-2009, 03:33 AM
i'm telling u, WORK ur leg and body kicks, make sure ur pressing forward too, if u don't know by now, there are light kicks and punches, and heavy (or hard). pressing forward are the heavy( hard) ones. pick ur shots, move in and out, BLOCK, and try not to make too many risks, u'll pay for it and get KO'D and get the lose, or have to dip out to the dash board.

Good Luck

05-24-2009, 04:55 AM
This has absolutely nothing to do with the thread but. Lyoto Machida is a fucking bad ass man. (in real life)

The Bold and The Brutal
05-24-2009, 05:20 PM
yes he is, he SMOKED evans, i'm glad, everytime i start to think evans is ok, he does something to piss me off.

Year of The Dragon haha