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05-25-2009, 08:13 AM
I finally finished that freaking Smile achievement :)

Keep in mind that you should have already watched the guide and had a few goes before you try this.

I followed the video guide at first and started to make my own changes, so here are a few:

,/ = Tick/Complete Level as the Video Guide says
X = Cross/Die on that Level
O = Time Out
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc = Guide for that Level

,/ O ,/O 1
2 3 ,/ ,/ ,/
X ,/,/ 4 X
5 X X X 6

Start at the top-right corner.
Start going towards the bottom-left corner slowly so that you go inbetween the arrows that spawn around you whilst shooting them.

After the spawn enemies, kill the green boxes first and leave one of the purple babies spinning in a circle.
Go underneath the purple baby and shoot up.
Move up through the arrows as the guide says.

Start NEAR but not on the bottom-left corner.
Take care of the spawn enemies then shoot at the bottom-left of the blue diamonds.
Move into that corner and start going right whilst shooting the bottom line of blue diamonds.
After finishing off the bottom line, start going up and shoot at the two lines of blue diamonds that spawn at the top
This should create two holes that will allow you to go to the top.
Go right now and move along the wall, shooting the diamonds on the left.
Halfway down, a line of blue diamonds will spawn, so start shooting down there.
After that it should be fine.
| |
| |
X | |
|_______| <-|

This is basically the direction you move and shoot in.
<- Move along the bottom
Watch out especially on this level for the pinwheels and pink boxes, they are a freaking bitch if you run into them.

The video guide says to keep shooting to the left after the spawning gravity wells. But it's incredible difficult to kill them all after they are activated. I just leave them and wait till they're all there then bomb them.

After killing the spawn enemies, shoot at the bottom row of purple boxes, starting at the left and moving towards the right.
Move toward the bottom-right corner and fend off the green boxes. DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY INTO THE CORNER.
Wait till the pinwheels spawn in a circle then bomb them.
The green boxes along the top aren't as quick as you think, just take care of the purple boxes first.

After you take out the 2 pacmen and 2 blue orbs, count the waves of enemies that appear.
There will be three waves-
The first, appearing all over the place.
The second, spawning somewhat in a circle around you .
The third, all over the place.
The video guide says to wait until the arrows spawn, but would you rather watch out for those freaking pacmen for those extra few seconds OR take out the arrows that move in a straight line?
Watch out for the three orb squids that spawn in the centre. I've been killed twice by them when waiting for the arrows to spawn, as they spawn at the same time. So stay away from the centre.

I hope this makes it easier.

I've written this guide as I think that the variations are easier and better. The luck factor is reduced, for example, on the last level on the guide, he just goes straight through the centre of pacmen and blue orbs, which could've been very different if they spawned at different areas.

As I've said, make sure to watch the video and have a few goes yourself. You'll start your own variations and start to remember the spawn areas.

If you need some help, just contact me on icer2312 through Xbox Live.

Evo Kazz
02-16-2010, 08:42 AM
I need a miracle lol, I think it is mostly down to fluke runs, there are your hard levels, and then the easy ones, there's no inbetween, unfortunately you NEED to deal with some hard levels without bombs as there are just not enough bombs, ideally 8 bombs would make this a doddle, but you only get 5 total. Although some people say 6, but I guess it depends on score??

I always die on the ones you have marked as #2 and the snake stage, I have decided to bomb the snake stage and try to deal with the unstable pin wheels, I woont even go into the last stage unless I have 2 bombs as it's insane, and would be horrible to die there, I only made it 2 times though.

02-17-2010, 09:20 PM
3 used to be a pain in the ass for me but I figured it out (similar to what you wrote).

However, I'm not a consistent player and always get the smile but with an extra blemish :(

As evokazz mentioned, I won't go to the last stage without 2 bombs, it's just too crazy. The tough ones without bombs are, in my opinion, the one with the arrows and snakes and the one with all the gravity wells.

The rest are quite easy and don't rely on luck too much.

Maybe tomorrow, I'm getting better... Smile damn it!

stephen ryan
07-25-2010, 10:29 PM
I hope the Smile achievement pays for the drywall exspense i now need.