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05-28-2009, 02:54 AM
Anyone else get the, perhaps, reference to Maniac Mansion? lol

And just to anyone interested in the game in general...
I'm very happy to play another puzzle adventure game. Controls take a bit of getting used to though for the ol' mouse user. Never really watched the show before, but always a fan of British comedy... Monty Python, Mr Bean, etc. Love the game so far, has already made me laugh out loud quite a few times. I grew on puzzle adventure games so I'm REALLY looking forward to Sam & Max. And even though I already have the episodes on PC getting into the story again for achievements will be most fun. The rumor of Monkey Island coming is eating me alive also, hope other Lucasarts games are to follow. At one time I was working on a remake to Zak McKracken but using the art style of DotT. Ahh well...

Love this stuff

05-28-2009, 07:03 AM
In this gaming-era of visceral uber-gibbage, WoMD handheld weaponry, real-life rendered battlefields & 1,000 enemy bodyparts per second, it's good to see a company who is still writing good-olde SCUMM-esque adventures. I have bought every TellTale adventure & loved every one of them... from TheGreatCowRace to StongBad!
Like yourself, I grew up on adventures, though they were mostly text, on the 8-bit machines! The olde Level 9 (Knight Orc, Silicon Dreams) & Infocom (Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide, Leather Goddess!) adventures drove me nuts when I was a growing nerd!

Many moons ago I found a site that had a whole bunch of user-created SCUMMs... some of them were dire, but some of them were up there with fan-favourites Sam & Max, Day Of The Tentacle, Maniac Mansion & Monkey Island. For me, the best of them all was a fan-adventure called NIGHT OF THE HERMIT; it was seriously fiendish (worse than Lucasarts), but I eventually completed it... more out of luck than logic, I'm afraid to say! I've found some of them on my HD, but none of them work on my XP build. (They're all DOS & won't run in Compatibility Mode. Shame!)

Some of the recent (well, over the past 10 years, anyway) PC adventures were pretty hit & miss; The Longest Journey & Siberia were good, but their sequels (Dreamfall & Sibera II) weren't quite up to scratch.

Monkey Island on XBLA? Mmmm... as long as it's not Escape From Monkey Island; it didn't feel like a REAL Monkey Island adventure to me & felt like a rush-job by Lucasarts, who were simply pandering to fans shouting for a new Threepwood outing after they released the amazing Grim Fandango! Manny Calavera on XBLA? I'd like that!

I hope Wallace & Gromit #1 sells really well on XBLA & TellTale do eventually release the Sam & Max seasons. It's a shame that a lot of people who buy it will not appreciate the game, it's humour or get a sense of achievement from solving the puzzles... 'cos the achievement walkthough is already up! (By me. Sorry about that!)

05-28-2009, 09:17 AM
I've found some of them on my HD, but none of them work on my XP build. (They're all DOS & won't run in Compatibility Mode. Shame!)

Have you tried DOSBox or VDMSound?

Monkey Island on XBLA? Mmmm... as long as it's not Escape From Monkey Island

The rumor started after the German rating board, USK, put this up on their website: http://gfx.dagbladet.no/labrador/632/632136/6321368/jpg/active/503x.jpg

Looks like it's the first one in the series, something that further builds up the rumour about a 360 Remote Controller, much like the Wii Remote, being announced at E3 in a few days. If MS starts releasing classic point'n'click and RTS games on XBLA to play with the pointer controller, they could secure a marked Nintendo never really seemed to care about.

It's just a rumour, though, I guess we'll see in 3 days.

05-28-2009, 02:22 PM
thanks for the thoughts
i enjoy this kind of stuff. i downloaded the demo, will probably by it for some summer gaming.

05-28-2009, 02:52 PM
Haven't played this yet, but if it's anywhere near as fun as Sam & Max, I'll definitely download it! Telltale makes great games, so my expectations are quite high :)

05-29-2009, 12:57 AM
Well met.
Yeah, it might have been the site were I was building my thoughts and knowledge of how to run the creator. AGS program or Adventure Game Studio... I believe that was the name. Haven't been there in awhile but it would awesome to see some people bring their titles to 360 even if only on the community games. Too bad for no achievements on those... even if it was 5gs for "beating" a game that a has an actual ending to it. I have yet to mess around with XNA myself but been trying to push my brother into learning more on it for me. He can program... lol I'll just stick with overall game design as that is what I'm going to school for.