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12-25-2006, 10:33 AM
is it habit to automatically push left on the d-pad as fast as you can when someone team kills you?? last night, i was playing and i got 2 team kills. both of them b.s., but still team kills. the first one; i sniped an opponent, killed him and somehow the bullet went through him and hit one of my team mates and killed him. he punished me before i could even say sorry and explain what happened. another one i was about to take out a tank and a guy walked right in front of me and killed us both. then he has the nerve to freakin punish me and talk shit!!! i should be able to punish him. the punish option is there for when you have those ass holes to get in a ranked match just to dick around and kill their own team mates. those are the people u punish. dont punish the guy /near the top of the team leaderboard...it was clearly a freakin accident. i dont know..some people are just........u fill it in

12-25-2006, 10:51 AM
Silly sausages?

I don't really like the whole punish/forgive thing, it was supposed to help against random teamkillers just going out to ruin other people's games but it can do exactly the opposite as you have experienced.

First off, if someone went to ruin a ranked match and teamkill, lowering their score probably doesn't phase them at all so the punish option will have no effect at all on them.

And if you accidentally kill someone or they deliberately get killed by you (jumping onto grenades etc) then they can punish you and you lose points, so those who work to get points then lose them because squeaky voiced teens have itchy punish fingers.

Hopefully it is just a Treyarch thing.

12-26-2006, 02:30 AM
I tend to push it to punish when a medic is just being a jerk on my team and killing/reviving to piss people off. You need to hit it quickly before they revive you. If they revive you before you punish them you can't do it until they kill you again. Even then they generally revive you before you can punish. This is what ticks me off about team games on CoD3 the most.