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v SnOwMaN v
05-28-2009, 04:45 AM
Didn't know exactly where to put this at. So I thought I would post it here. I was wondering how come x360a didn't do a review for Mass Effect one of the biggest RPGs on the 360 or at least didn't score it. I see weak games get scores and reviews, but no score for Mass Effect. Is this a mistype or something or did no one ever score the game. Just happen to notice it when I was adding it to my collection list.

Once again if this is the wrong place for it, please move it.


EDIT: No review or score given to Mass Effect. Will anyone do it?

The Pants Party
05-28-2009, 05:10 AM
Long story short: there was one written, there was an argument on the scoring and it never went up. No one else had the time do work on a new one at the time so it was never reviewed and we moved on.

Perhaps someday down the line we'll get one put together, but I doubt it.