View Full Version : Need help with this abortion of a game

05-28-2009, 06:20 AM
I got suckered into buying this game for $4 from game stop. 5 ach's, on the list as an easy 1000. I understand the one achievement is a PITA...whatever. I couldn't even unlock the other ones. Not even the scoring a single goal. WTF? What is with the game clock not slowing down, regardless of the speed setting I have it at? At this point, the only thing I feel like doing with this disc is snapping it in two and burning it. No wonder I avoid sports games like the plague. Is there a site out there that has an FAQ for this stupid shit in general? I'm getting extremely pissed off skating around, and having some douche bag trip me every 5 seconds.

Shit, I'd rather play King Kong with half the buttons on my controller missing. :mad: