View Full Version : Waste of Ink?

05-31-2009, 04:32 AM
Hello, I am pretty new to this site and I don't know if this would be considered a complaint or feedback but here is goes. I don't know about everybody else but most of the time I print out the achievement guides by clicking the printable version option. I like the list set up and all, but one thing I have noticed is that if the guide had links to youtube in it I was actually printing out all the youtube video boxes. For example I recently printed out the guide for Call of Duty world at war and my printer ran out of ink b/c the guide has four youtube videos in it that wasted most of the black ink.
I for one think that there is no need for the youtube video links to be included in the "Printable version" b/c most people who click that version is intending to print it and the links are obviously a waste of ink.
Thanks for listening and I love the site!

05-31-2009, 04:54 AM
My understanding is that when you hit the 'printer friendly version' it strips away everything but the achievement details and whatever is filled out in the guide part. It doesn't seem like it would be easily modified to actively seek out youtube links and delete them, but I could be wrong.

An alternative would be to copy paste it into Word (or similar program) and delete the Youtube clips yourself. If you use Firefox, there's an extension called Aardvark that will let you temporarily modify a webpage before printing to make it come out exactly how you want it.