View Full Version : Franchise Achievements

06-12-2009, 02:49 AM
I can't really help you out on unlocking these achievements I just wanted to tell you how I got some of them. First of all, I accidentally played a 51 season game which really screwed me up. Because I found that out after my first game which I destroyed in and I didn't feel like restarting. I edited all sliders so ny hitters were super fast and all there fielders were super slow. So after that I played 20 games. Then simulated to the second to the last game. Played it and only got two achievements which were 100 rbis and 20 wins so I would have gotten the other three but since I played a 51 game season, I didn't. So I figured I would tell you all that so now you know for a fact you can still unlock achievements with custom sliders.