View Full Version : the real gem behind vt2009

06-22-2009, 03:56 PM
just sharing a view with a few ppl and im wondering if anyone feels the same about the intensity of the online play, my ranked record is 35 wins and 8 losses (thats not a brag or means for someone to blurt out better records)..... so out of those ranked games my main objective is 100 ranked wins, now considering this would be boring if i only went for that ive decided to go for a decent win record aswell,
ive had 2 games which really showed how amazingly addictive not just vt2009 is but the whole series together both cracking games in which i won in an intense tie break situation where neither opponent was backing off and in one game i was losing 6-3 tie break and won........ this is a tip for all those struggling online your not playing dumb ai, your playing real ppl who expect you to play left,right,left,right..........try left,left,left then right a bit of randomness will help.
its not about trying to outplay your opponent but you both go into the game with natural methods of winning and if your lucky your way is better and if not this is the tricky part....... you have about 4 minutes in which to work out your opponents style and think up of a countering attack.... this is a real battle of minds and not a whack about with the AI a pure beutiful showing of how good the game can be when you play someone with the same skill as you...one down side to this is that the first game against wozza7 i was winning 6-1 on tie break then he quit sadly......... but unfortunatly tossers do exist,
im aware this is an achiv website and i enjoy unlocking them but im just wondering if there is anyone out there like myself who likes earning their wins too and or has had those intense games i talk about?
just i see frustration posts about this game but havent we built this for ourselfs by loving achives?, how many games come out unfinished nowdays? they do it because they can simply fix it later via dlc....... we show most of us will go out and buy a shit game like cars, avatar for easy achivs so they will bring us more shit games as they can get away with it. also with all DLC, who the fuck really doesnt feel cheated by fable 2 knothole island or buying GOW2 combusteble maps? ok its only 5-10 dollar but they aint worth 1 dollar are they?

anyhows just wondering , give us a shout if your actually into this game online and get those intense games

06-23-2009, 12:58 PM
i love playing this game online. i was hooked playing doubles on vt3. the one issue i have with ranked matches are the dread of people quitting half way through a match. its just a total waste of time. i think i will just stick to player matches or untill sega fix the fact that if someone else quits it counts as a win, because now it counts as nothing, not even a loss. but thats something i guess.