View Full Version : I'm starting to hate this game

06-23-2009, 06:09 AM
...because i'm in pro mode career, and i'm 19th (i was 17th, but i skip one 50-1 and i lost two places , then i won one 20-1 i got no place !! (C'mon Sega wtf!)) .. so, when i skip a 50-1 tournament i lost one or two places but when i play a 50-1 and i won it, i get no place (no one!!!!) , f%&k, also, the only tournaments that give one place are the 20-1, and the doubles are more difficults than ever.

There is a way to win places more easily???

Update: Finally i got both number 1 achievements, and others too.
Close this topic some mod please.