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06-26-2009, 11:43 AM
The multiplayer achievements are nice and simple, but rely on a bit of quick joining to make sure you end up in a game with your friend. If you don't you can always leave the game before it starts :)

Probably go for this one first, as it'll take most of the games time limit, so may as well have it count towards your 10 wins on domination. Getting 20 kills on an opposing overlord appears to be quite a challenge. Even with boosting it'll still take most of the time limit to achieve, especially since there's spawn protection.
What my and a friend did was this:
The person who will be getting the achievement takes as many greens as they can when you spawn (should provide you with 5), and runs to the centre point which is normally glowing orange. Marker those 5 in the middle and have the other overlord just keep running down to them when he spawns. While he's doing that, go and kill some of the gnomes that are hoping around near the central point, you can take some browns from the start if you want and then marker them next to the burrow. Collect as many orbs as you can, and go and get some more greens and then marker them in the middle too.
Within a couple of minutes i had 25 greens markered in the middle that would take down the other overlord nearly instantly. Got my 20 kills with about 2 minutes to spare.
Once you've got all your minions set up, it's just a case of waiting. You can attack the other overlord with your axe, but 20+ greens will probably do the job before you swing.

Just thought i'd post this up to save futile boosting, as all 20 kills have to be attained in one game. If you wait the time limit or your opponent quits out you'll get the win one domination map too (as you'll have points on the board from your greens that you markered0.

Domination Map:
Grab as many minions as you want and run to the middle point and set a marker. You should capture it and have scored some points by the time the clock hits 9:35 remaining. Your oppenent quits out and bam, that's one win and one achievement. Repeat 8 more times (assuming you've already gone for the adversary achievement too). The games load nice and quickly, so you should have this in less than 10 minutes.

Pirate Plunder:
Same again really. Grab 10 minions of any colour and run down to your ship. Get them controlling it and start sailing. Hit the closest chest to get some gold and have your opponent quit and you should unlock the 1 win achievement. Takes roughly 30 seconds to get some points on the board. Repeat another 9 times until 10 wins have been achieved.

That's it, nice and simple. Me and a friend both got all 5 within about an hour i think. There may be a quicker way to get the adversary achievement, but the way i tried it worked nicely too :D

Specter 205
06-26-2009, 02:32 PM
This is exactly how I did mine A+ :Bounce: