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06-26-2009, 09:03 PM
Odd one this, every time I try to post using firefox (having not installed any updates lately) I'm getting that my message is less than 10 characters, even if it is paragraphs long. The message is lost and I'm left with a blank entry box. No problems on other boards (both vbulletin phpBB) and IE works fne. Any thoughts as to what's up?

*edit* Sorted. If anyone else has this issue I switched to the standard editor in my user CP options and it's working fine again.

*edit2*Just as an update, reinstalled firefox, updated java and restarted with no luck. The enhanced editor does not even show the cursor in the text field and the standard editor leaves all smilies and bold/italics etc. unusable. (ie click on them and get nothing) Even stranger is that on other forums using vbulletin I have no issues, wondering if any other firefox user out there is having the same problem?

Bit of digging on the vbulletin site came up with a few technical threads regarding templates and admin options, but at this point I'd put money on it being an issue just with my own system unless other have the same problem. Just a bit irksome having to use IE for formatted posts if I don't fancy typing out all the vb code.

*edit 3* Ah, cleared the firfox cache and the issue is solved, must have had some old java or some such stored in there.

06-29-2009, 07:27 PM
This was posted using the standard editor :woop: w/Firefox 3.5 RC3 (?I think it is RC3, they aren't putting that in the help/about field) with no problems. I have also used the current 3.x version at home with no problems as well, so I don't know what problem you are running into. :(

edit: Sure, I try to post a response and you clear up the problem... :p

06-30-2009, 01:15 AM
Just whilst we're on the topic of Firefox, does anyone else have an issue with the characters/words being blurry? I would prefer to use Firefox, as I have ad-block installed on it, but I cannot stand the blurriness.