View Full Version : Devestator help

06-27-2009, 01:50 PM
Ok for some reason i can make it past this level after 3 tries. The first time i played so long that i wouldn't receive a medal so i restarted it and every time after that get to the guns on his arms and i die. Does anyone have any kinds of tips a all for this level.

Edit: I did it (finally) with a silver medal but tips would still be appreciated because someone else might need help here too, but this time i made sure to take out all of the smaller decepticons and eventually they stopped respawning and i could focus on just the devastator. But i do wonder how to get platinum because it takes 30 seconds before a target is ever shown on him for me.

06-27-2009, 08:31 PM
Don't try to get Platinum until you are able to use Power-Up Optimus because you will be able to hover. Stay behind him right at the beginning and keep an eye out for the Skill Shots (there is one to your right when you start off and the rest should be easy to spot since you are high up). Keep shooting at Dev until the targets on his back appear. Don't worry about the Cons on the ground, they are no threat. Kill them if you want, but I got through it around 2 mins without ever taking any of them out. Only use your Special (Y Button) when Dev shoots like 10 or so missiles at once from his back. Once those 3 targets are gone, keep shooting at him again to make the 2 targets on his legs appear. Once those targets are gone, go in front of him and shoot the arm turrets. After that is his forehead and make sure you are high and a good distance away for the last target.