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06-29-2009, 05:53 AM
Ok, you probably know, getting all the great leaders is a pain. what you mightt not know is that each leader has a required tech that has to be researched before they can be awarded (or even have the possibility of being awarded)

This means that if you systematically ignore, say, pottery, every time you play, you will never have the chance to get that person (unless you capture pottery when capturing a city, or something). I think it might be possible to do it in reverse - only reaserach tech's that we want, then switch all of the cities to gold, therefore not allowing many great leaders to become possible rewards.

Obviously this is easier said than done.

These are my ponderings on the matter...

It will be easier to do this for great people with lower leveled techs, because the less techs required to unlock the tech of the person you want, then higher the probability you will get the person you desire so much.

For me the two people i need are: Cheops and Sargon. the civ-database thing (which i always bring up by accident) tells me that they require masonry and bronze working, respectivly.

I am going to start a new game (not the senario with all the techs pre-reaserached, because that would rather defeate the purpose). I will be on easiest difficulty, using the greeks (for more great people bonus starting in medieval age).

start off, scout around with warriors, start reasearching bronze working. kill some barbarians, get settlers. start new city, having both work on science. finish reaseching bronze working, start on pottery (req. for masonry). start and finish masonry. start researching cerimonial burrial (for temple, for culture). research middle ages. get more great people bonus. save game (might come back and see if the great person they assign is random, or preset. if random i could combine save-retry with this method to get the people i want). finsih researching cerimonial burrial, switch cities to gold. building temples in both cities. focusing on food and production, no gold being produced. capital finishes temple, i set it to build granary for faster population increese. finish granary, start building stonehenge. save game again, right before first great person is to be awarded. not person i want, some low level person. . saving again and restoring pervious save, to see if the person-assignment is random. got same person again. will try once more. nope. not random, same person 3 times in a row. just checked database... the person awarded to me requires construction, yet i dont have construction unlocked? maybe one of the other civilizations does, and that lets me get this person? thats not good. found new city with settlers awarded for 100 gold coins. find german culture. :( they are always trying to kill me... yep. two turns later they declare war. about to get second great person. not anyone i wanted. J.S. Bach. >.< he requires religion... another thing i dont have, but one of the other players could... possibly we could boost this by doing this in multiplayer, and only researching a set group of techs...? can you unlock great people in multiplayer and have them count towards the achievement? 3rd great person. Sophocles. I guess you can unlock any great person that any of the civilizations has researched... got great person for 500 gold. F*CK YEA ITS CHEOPS. :P ok. so this system sorta works. (spent most of this sunday trying to get the last 3 great people, one left now!) ... come on Sargon!... i am going to start researching tech again, because i might as well if the other civs are still letting me get other leaders... will go try to unlock cathedral. 4th great person. Aesop. i needed him a few hours ago... but not anymore. research a few things.. up to monarchy... gives me great person for researching monarchy... Marie Curie... will keep playing this game until next great person is awarded, hope its the last one i need... Nope. got David.

OK. system sort of worked. Could use refining... it would work perfectly in multiplayer, if everyone would work together to only unlock a few of the tech abilities...

If anyone else has any ideas to improve this system, feel free to post. or ask any questions...

[gah! only one empty spot on the great leaders wall!]