View Full Version : Story Mode vs. Super Story Mode Studs (True Jedi)

06-29-2009, 08:05 PM
I have all the studs for Free Play True Jedi completed but still need about 10 for Story Mode. Does anyone know if you can get True Jedi in Super Story Mode or I just have to play each level again by itself to get it? I haven't tried it yet (I'm at work and just thought of it), but I wouldn't think you can get these in Super Story Mode. Save me some time having to play some levels for a 4th time. I was just wondering/hoping.

06-30-2009, 02:06 PM
Eh, I'll just try and get the True Jedi when I go for the Undefeated achievements. Hopefully I don't need any True Jedi on the flying missions; those are the only Undefeated ones that I've done so far.

09-14-2009, 12:35 AM
As a note for those reading this and not knowing what the solution is:

You can't get True Jedi during the Super Story missions. You have to play the individual levels. You also have to play both the Story and Free-Play separately for the True Jedis as well. Each will give a gold block on success, which means 36 blocks are mapped to collecting studs for score on each level.

If you miss a storyline one, go ahead and ignore getting it until you unlock one of the score mulitplier extras. They'll prevent you from getting the 'Undefeated', but A) the added studs count towards your True Jedi count, so 2x halves the amount, 8x divides in eight, etc., and B) It's *MUCH* easier to get Undefeated during the Free-Play stages, because you can skip most of the puzzles by switching to characters that you might not have during the main storyline, such as the bounty hunters with their bombs, or Jedis that double-jump, or droids that you wouldn't have until a later part of the stage.

Also C) You can buy the Ghosts and use them to breeze through the regular non-ship stages as well for undefeated. Just make sure you go through, focusing on not dying while having none of the Extras enabled for the Undefeated.

Focus on studs when you go for True Jedi, and try to get them the first time through for the Story levels so you don't have to replay, but if you must, wait until you have the score multipliers to make it easier to get.