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Mana Fiend
06-30-2009, 09:54 PM
Hi all,

I've currently run into a problem; I'm trying to gather my last two achievements (scroe pieces and EZI). I've gathered what I think should be all the EZI items, but so far, no achievements. Has anyone run into this problem, and, if so, how did you sort it? ?Just for clarification, the EZIs I have are:

In 'Item Set':
- Cracker.
- Egg
- Weekly magazine.
- String phone.
- Photo.
- Bun.

In 'Weapons':
- Paddle.

In 'Armour':
- Pajamas.

In 'Accessories':
- Certificate.
- Scarf.
- Handkerchief.
- Pocketbook.
- Smiling.
- Cherry.
- Chapel.
- Swimming.
- Laughing.
- Elite.
- Small.
- Rainbow.

The last one I collected was 'Chapel EZI', from the Noise Dunes.

Help would be awesome, thanks. :)

06-30-2009, 10:30 PM
It happened the same to me.
I thought I had made a mistake, but I take a GOOD look at the EZI's list and confirmed that I was missing PHOTO EZI.
Take another look at your list, and you'll find that you're missing one of them.

By the way, did you talk to the Granny during chapter 4? It's the only missable item in the game.

Had you found all the score pieces yet?

Mana Fiend
06-30-2009, 11:45 PM
Provided she's the one who tells you the poem, then yes, I spoke with her. :)
As for which one I missed, I've just realised; the pendant! Thank you so much, I guess I really needed someone to go through and tell me to check for one I'd missed, as opposed to looking at the ones I had. Brilliant, I shal go get it right now.

And as for the score pieces, yes, I have them all.

1000/1000 after Star Trek, methinks :) Excellent, thanks again.

EDIT: Completed! Admins, feel free to lock.