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Rowey 94
07-01-2009, 07:16 PM
So Ive Sent Like 7 Signature Request's Out Via PM.
And No Luck Its Either They Ignore Me Or They Just Cant Be Bothered.
So Im Thinking Why Do I Bother.
Then I Thought To Myself Why Not Bring Back The Signature Request Thread.
1 Couple Of Reasons To Support This...

The Request Can Be Viewed By Everyone. So It Will Be Done A Lot Faster.
The Signature Will Be Done A Lot Quicker. This Is Because All Of The People With No Work Will Be Looking For Requests To Complete. Whereas The ' More Talented ' Graphics Team Will Be Too Busy To Take Requests
It Is 10x Easier For The Requester To Get There Request Completed. Because They Dont Have To PM Multiple Member's They Just Make 1 Post And Then Its Up To The GFX Department To Find That Request

Basiclly Please Bring Back The Signature Request Thread !

07-01-2009, 07:22 PM
Tired of the sig I made you already? ;)

And I was thinking about this for a while. A lot of the people on the list have become inactive.

EDIT: Officially... I'll work on this later.

Rowey 94
07-01-2009, 07:32 PM
Thanks Skillet.
You Know Ive Loved Your Work, Always Right Back From The Start Remember When You Trained Me Up A Bit I Still Thank You For That Today. I Wouldnt Know Anything About Graphics If It Wasnt For This Man Here This Is My Role Model By Far Thanks Skillet And I Will Never Be Bored Of Your Work. I Still Like That Oblivion Sig Which You Did Me A While Ago. !
I Love Your Work !
Thanks For Teaching You My Skills Friend. ;)
Im Glad Im Back

Back On Topic : Yeah I Think The Sig Request Thread Should Be Brought Back Man. It Was A Lot More Effective Than The Current System.

Thanks , Rowey

07-01-2009, 07:36 PM

Rapidly changing the subject... I'll get to it after a while. :p

Rowey 94
07-01-2009, 07:42 PM
I Know I Rapidly Changed The Subject But I Had To Tell You I Wasn't Bored Of Ya Signature :P
Lol And So Are You ' Confirming ' Your Bringing It Back ?

07-01-2009, 09:03 PM
I am one of the people that was on the list to make them. But I got a load of PMs way more than I expected and had the time for. So I did have to deny most people while being on that list. After a while I got inactive but had my name removed from the list if I remember right.

Also I think the general quality of the signatures here is getting quite boring (no offense, there's some great artists on this forum too) and seem to have stopped a bit. For example pop-out renders, got annoyed by them half a year ago and apparently they're still popular so I have basically stopped doing Photoshop on this site. Again no offense, I love the work of some people here but most need to be more original in my opinion.


EDIT: If it comes back I think it would be best to if signature makers get a job make them able to change their status to 'busy' or something, and when they're ready for another one they should be able to set it to 'available' or something. Also maybe a 50 posts requirement before requesting?

Rowey 94
07-01-2009, 09:24 PM
Yeah I Totally Agree With You !
The Requierments Should Be Like 50 Post Requirement Active User Yes ?
Must Have Been A Member For 1 Month ?

Yeah This Would Be Great

07-01-2009, 11:50 PM
I still like to do them but i get people asking me for the same sigs over and over, or they give me some really shitty pick that i cant do anything with.

07-01-2009, 11:51 PM
Yeah I Totally Agree With You !
The Requierments Should Be Like 50 Post Requirement Active User Yes ?
Must Have Been A Member For 1 Month ?

Yeah This Would Be Great

Why do you make every word with a capital letter?

On Topic: I guess it should come back, but why not just use PMs. I like it that way.

Smashing Impact
07-02-2009, 01:28 AM
I agree with Seng, it is quite hard to read what you are writing using capital letters for every word!

I think the signature request thread being brought back would be a lot more effective, but I think it would generate a lot of requests. It doesn't take much to find a designer and put in some effort to PM them.

KFZ Scrubs
07-02-2009, 01:39 AM
Wow, i didn't know the media forum's inactivity was growing this quickly.
First SOTF and now the sig request.
I'm not complaining though, :)

Jagged 88
07-02-2009, 01:40 AM
I think allot of people including myself stopped making sig's because SOME people weren't grateful or never used them, so it did feel like a waste. and thanks to all the people who said thanks for their sig :D

If it does come back they should have to fill out a form for one (yes I'm serious), saying exactly what they want because allot of the time I just got "can you make me a sig with a certain character" and I didn't know half of the characters that they meant. So yeah thats my input :D

phate89 0
07-02-2009, 04:07 AM
I personally think its a good idea if you impliment reqs, like 100 posts (i dont get one yet lol) or active member for certain amount of time.

But i do also understand that artists must get annoyed at making them and not getting gratitude, i used to make for mates, but have since completly stopped due to lack of time and i lost photoshop.

i also think artists should get a badge if they make a sig for someone...its just a little token to show there giving to people :)

dunno, thts just my 2pence anyway!

ps. if anyone cares to make me one ill be gratefull...promise! (ill even bake you a little cake)

07-02-2009, 04:22 AM
I really don't think most of the signature artists are going to actively seek out people to make sigs for.

I'm sure some will, but then everyone's gonna have signatures made by the few people who Do check the thread.

Well, at least that's what I see happening.

Rowey 94
07-02-2009, 08:14 AM
Fill Out Form For Request :

Rules ! ( Read Before Filling Out )

To make this request you must have atleast 75 post's on the forum's.
You must also be a member for over 1 month, and don't re-post your request more than once, there is no need to your request will be heard.

x360a Username : ____________

Desired artist to complete the request : _____________

Why do you want a signature from x360a ? : _______________

__________________________________________________ ___

__________________________________________________ ___

Something like that ?

07-02-2009, 08:47 AM
New request thread is posted here: