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07-03-2009, 12:39 PM
No, I'm not talking about the Northern Sector of Everlight, which is opened by a subquest... or rather, I'm talking about a specific corner of it, which has me quite mystified.

You know the place where you pick up the Spider-steeds on your way to quell the Elven Uprising during said subquest? Past a tree-root that you can send your minions through, but not pass yourself? Well, a while after I'd finished quelling the rebellion and dominating the last remaining people, I went back there - and found, to my surprise, that I could walk straight through that tree-root. And what's more, on that plateau where the spiders used to be, there's a path leading around the cliff on the right, which wasn't visible from the other side of the tree-root, or anywhere else for that matter. I followed the path, and came to another platou, reaching out over the sea - and I can see that the path continues around the mountain.

But I can't go any further - there's an invisible barrier blocking my path, and neither I nor my minions can get past it. And yet, looking at the map, it's clear that there's SOMETHING out there...

What do you think? Maybe an area that was cut from the game late, and accidentally left partially accessible? Maybe there's some way to get past the invisible barrier - there could be some kind of secret area or easter-egg on the other side.

07-03-2009, 02:23 PM
A rule in all games according to game design and creation templates is that if an area is inaccessible at a point it usually is given reason or logical purpose as to why, that or it isn't shown until it becomes accessible via cutscene, however for this game there is a locked gate, being the only path down and obviously citizens below, as such it is logical to WAIT for the capability to get into it.

An audience after the Wastelands have been completed will be available that will do such a thing.

Best of luck.


Typed with out thinking...

Most likely it was to show off some of the graphics or art in an early beta or demo and was never removed...

07-03-2009, 02:39 PM
Don't feel bad, I just KNEW somebody would leap to that assumption, even though I tried to clarify in the very-first line... :p

Anyway, your guess sounds realistic enough - it's fairly clear that you're not 'supposed' to be able to get onto the plateau in the first place, and it's only because the tree-root suddenly turns insubstantial that you CAN. I've run into events like that elsewhere, too, like in the Empire City Slums, where I was able to walk straight through a house without breaking it. I guess the clipping isn't too firm in this game..

It just makes me wonder... a path you cannot thread - where does it lead? What waits around that mountain-bend?

07-03-2009, 02:42 PM
More mountains, and more of a path... lol.